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Liz Folce Launches Clean Body Care Line

The former HSN on-air host’s newest venture seeks to improve the health, tone and texture of your skin.

Former HSN on-air host Liz Folce is releasing a skin care line called Nakery Beauty, which consists of six products designed to target stretch marks, loose skin, and other stubborn skin attributes typically considered less-than-ideal by most bearers. 

The brand was born following an outpouring of social media messages Folce had long been receiving from her HSN viewer base requesting advice or over-the-counter remedies to combat various age-related skin care concerns. Launching on April 27, Nakery includes Body Butter, Body Washes, Firming Spray, Boob Serum, Under Boob Deodorant, and a Pressed Body Oil Melt. Prices range from $22 to $24.

“I’ve had hundreds of women DM me, saying, ‘So Liz, I can’t wear shorts,’ or ‘Liz, I won’t wear short sleeves,’” Folce said. “One woman was even telling me about wearing a turtleneck in the summer — it was heart-wrenching.” 

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With this launch, Folce aims to show consumers that feeling comfortable does not have to come at the expense of functionality. “I just want her to get these home and be able to rock the tank top, wear the dress, and get out and enjoy life without feeling the need to cover up, which can be frustrating,” said Folce. 

Designed to keep skin looking and feeling nourished, hydrated and healthy, the line is sulfate-free and boasts unique scents such as Rosé and Romance, which is made with strawberries and Champagne. Though the brand wouldn’t provide specific financial information, industry sources suggest first-year sales are expected to reach $10 million in 2022.

The vegan, PETA-certified line will be available exclusively at HSN and upon release, and is the first of a number of Nakery launches Folce envisions will materialize in the upcoming months. “When you think about Nakery Beauty, it’s not just targeted, it’s not just clean, it’s not just effective, but it’s about feeling beautiful,” said Folce.

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