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L’Oréal Evolves Makeup Genius App

The digital platform, which has been downloaded more the 1.4 million times, helped propel L’Oréal Paris to the 50th most innovative company of 2015.

L2, a digital think tank and intelligence firm, cited L’Oréal Paris as the number-one company in its Digital IQ Index beauty ranking due in large part to its Makeup Genius app.

And no wonder. The digital platform, which has been downloaded more than 6.3 million globally, helped propel L’Oréal to the 50th most innovative company of 2015, according to Fast Company’s annual ranking based on originality and pioneering business strategy.

“A lot of times people create technology and then try to find the right consumer experience around it,” said Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oréal’s Connected Beauty Incubator. 

That wasn’t the case for Makeup Genius. Balooch stressed that it was developed out of consumer need.

But the Connected Beauty Incubator, which developed Makeup Genius and is a lab focused on creating forward-thinking products and services that disrupt the cosmetics industry, isn’t stopping there. Besides adding new elements to the interactive app like mascara in three-dimensional real time, customization and personalization will be the organization’s main focus for future projects. “[The Connected Beauty Incubator consists of] data scientists, people in UX design and individuals with Ph.D.’s in physics, biology and education,” said Balooch. “The idea was to create a really dynamic small team with very different competencies, but to route it inside a research organization.”

The incubator is looking to launch a new technology in a couple of months. Although, Balooch wouldn’t go into detail, he noted, “It’s a very new area. We figure every year to 18 months, we’ll launch a new platform.”

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