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L’Oréal Deploys #Safetogether E-learning Module

All the group’s employees must complete the training before returning to their workplaces during the coronavirus pandemic.

PARIS — To ensure the safety of its employees returning to their workplaces as lockdowns ease in various countries during the coronavirus pandemic, L’Oréal has developed and deployed an e-learning module, called #Safetogether.

“The objective? To help all employees understand and adopt the new measures that will protect them and their colleagues on a daily basis,” said L’Oréal in a statement.

The module is comprised of video tutorials and lasts 15 minutes. Coming in 14 languages, it was created with the group’s teams in France and abroad, and is based on L’Oréal’s health and safety standards, plus recommendations of its doctors and those of the World Health Organization.

Learnings include how to wash hands properly and how to put on and take off a mask. Quizzes reinforce the information.

L’Oréal employees must complete the module, which is on the MyLearning platform, prior to returning to their place of work. Already more than 14,000 employees have completed the training program.

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An iteration of #Safetogether has been made available for the general public through CrossKnowledge, at The learning solutions concern’s 500 client companies can access the content, too, according to L’Oréal.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to use this content, which will help employees understand and implement all the essential measures required for a safe return to the workplace,” said Béatrice Lazat, director of human resources at Kering, in the statement. “This open source approach reflects the new reality of cooperation between companies in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. I would like to thank L’Oréal.”