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L’Oréal, General Assembly Unveil Digital Marketing Skills Test

The assessment was created to give transparency into the competencies of the beauty giant’s candidates and employees.

PARIS — In order to give greater transparency into candidates and employees’ digital marketing skill sets, as digital marketing roles have doubled in demand since 2014, L’Oréal and educational company General Assembly said Tuesday they have introduced a test called Digital Marketing Level 1 (or DM1).

“DM1 assesses six key areas of digital marketing: digital advertising, engagement marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media and multichannel marketing,” the groups explained in a statement. “The 45-minute online assessment tests foundational skills from setting objectives to optimizing campaigns, using questions based on real-world case studies.”

They said understanding the competencies of teams can guide priorities in training and measure improvement after training. L’Oréal employees in 60 countries are to benefit from personalized training programs based on their skills.

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“As a company recognized for its marketing expertise, it was key for us to accompany the deep transformation of marketing in the digital era by offering our employees and candidates the opportunity to benchmark themselves against the best marketers worldwide,” said Jean-Claude Le Grand, senior vice president of talent development at L’Oréal worldwide.

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Already 4,000 employees at the French beauty giant have taken DM1, as have 500 candidates for jobs during their recruitment process there over the past three months.

“L’Oréal is now using the assessment as a tool to consider an even larger, more diverse set of candidate profiles,” the companies said.

DM1, which was the result of collaboration with numerous firms including L’Oréal, Google, Bonobos, UM and Priceline, has been used in practice by dozens of companies and more than 10,000 people globally.

“At General Assembly, we are focused on confronting the 21st-century skills gap, and part of that is addressing the need for both candidates and employers to have an unbiased way to evaluate skills,” said Jake Schwartz, General Assembly chief executive officer. “We see a future where education to employment is about the skills you demonstrate, not where you’ve been.”

DM1 is part of numerous assessments offered by General Assembly, which focuses on skills spanning data, design, business and technology. The company works with students on- and off-line on more than 20 campuses in six countries. It also works with employers to help their companies source, assess and transform talent, General Assembly and L’Oréal said.