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L’Oréal Paris Puts Focus on Digital

The beauty brand has launched the Twicer app and is investing into a fast growing e-commerce beauty sector.

CANNES The digitalization of L’Oréal Paris is in full swing.

With over 25 million followers across its social media networks, the beauty brand has taken to Cannes to launch a new app called Twicer.

Created by Californian company Kwarter, Twicer allows users to create a video over another video in the so-called “SelfieOver” mode – making additional commentary possible.

“It’s interactive and it’s cool,” said Cyril Chapuy, global brand president of L’Oreal Paris, who was spotted this week snapping selfies with his spokeswomen, including Lara Stone, Karlie Kloss and Eva Longoria, on the red carpets of the festival, of which the brand is an official partner.

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“We decided four years ago to accelerate our digital strategy to become the number one beauty brand in digital – and we are,” he continued, quoting L’Oréal’s 23 million followers on Facebook, 1 million on Instagram as well as the 120 million fans of its spokespeople combined.

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Chapuy said besides social media, digitalized sales services, aiming to cut out intermediaries, are top of his list.

“We want to focus on a direct connection and engagement with the consumer,” he said, adding that the Makeup Genius, which allows users to experiment with and buy a complete makeup look while using their handheld as a virtual mirror, was downloaded 10 million times since it launched in 2014, with 350 million looks tried.

The brand did not choose the annual film festival as a digital platform by coincidence.

Cannes is perfect for makeup. It has been so for the past 18 years. We have 30 to 40 spokespersons and 900 guests coming here to see what L’Oréal has to offer in the category,” explained Chapuy.

The brand currently boasts 23 worldwide ambassadors, with 30 more speaking for it on a local level, including in India and Brazil, where homegrown VIPs are more popular than Hollywood royalty, according to the executive.

Although Chapuy declined to provide details on how digitalization drives revenue for the company, he said: “Our investments in the area are substantial, and they pay off significantly. In China, which has adopted a strong digital strategy, e-sales account for ten percent.”

With the e-commerce market in beauty growing 40 percent a year, he added that the sector’s potential for the brand, is very promising.

L’Oréal’s next digital step will be the launch of Shade Genius, a service helping users find the ideal shade of foundation for their skin, due out next September.