Luxury Brand Partners, which owns salon hair-care lines Oribe and R+Co, is working with Sephora in a big way for the launch of its latest brand, IGK.

IGK is a 21-stockkeeping-unit line of salon hair-care products positioned for the social-media-obsessed Millennial. This will be the first hair-care line Luxury Brand Partners has launched in conjunction with Sephora. It launched this week on and will roll out to 67 Sephora doors in September.

Luxury Brand Partners worked with IGK founders, hairstylists Chase Kusero, Franck Izquierdo, Leo Izquierdo and Aaron Grenia, who together operate the IGK salon, which has locations in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, to develop their eponymous product line.

“Our category of client is young crowds, people who come to have fun in Miami, and in New York it’s people in the Meatpacking District and Los Angeles it’s a lot of people in the music and movie industry,” Leo Izquierdo told WWD.

“What’s coming out of those three markets is setting the tone for the hair industry,” said Grenia. “Sometimes you have someone in the chair and you don’t know who they are, but they’re some heavy-hitter in the fashion or finance world…we really appeal to a younger demographic because we’re trying to embrace the future, the younger generation.”

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IGK is comprised of three product ranges, named after Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Each theme contains a different scent and package design inspired by its respective city.

The mix of staples like dry shampoo and more trend-driven products are based on what its stylists spot on the street and in their salons. One of the heroes of the line is Rich Kid, a coconut-oil-based-gel that acts as a styling agent and incorporates coconut oil, an ingredient many salon clients wanted to use but found too heavy on its own. A texture range, including the Sunday Funday Texture Foam and Broken Dreams Texture Paste, is said to impart a lived-in texture without stripping shine, which Grenia noted is the up-and-coming antitrend to the matte texture look that has been popular in recent years. “Hair rests and stays naturally throughout the day, color has gotten more natural…we’re targeting that demographic,” said Grenia.

Prices run from $25 for shampoos and conditioners to $29 for dry shampoo and various styling sprays.

The collaboration with Sephora came organically, said Tev Finger, president of Luxury Brand Partners. After working with the retailer on the entry of Becca Cosmetics, which Luxury Brand Partners owns a majority stake in, into its stores, Finger said Sephora sought out the company to work on the launch of a new hair-care line.

“It lined up exactly with what Sephora was looking for, a brand that had a young factor as well as a social media factor,” Finger said, referring to the social media followings of the IGK’s founding hairstylists, who each boast an impressive roster of Instagram followers. “It’s not how many are following them…it’s who is following them. It’s major fashion people following these guys.”

Luxury Brand Partners then brought the IGK concept to Sephora.

“We were a little too raw, and Sephora really helped tweak it and get it right so it fits their world and their consumer,” added Finger, who noted that Sephora executives recommended the brand lower its price points and made suggestions on editing down the product assortment.

Industry sources project the brand will do $30 million in retail sales within its first year on the market, attributing the number to its dual-distribution model. While Sephora is the major retail partner, Finger noted that Luxury Brand Partners plans to roll out IGK to 1,000 to 2,000 salon doors this year as well.

Finger was mum on whether the IGK launch with Sephora will be an entryway into the retailer for some of Luxury Brand Partners’ other lines, but hinted that won’t necessarily be the case.

“In today’s world, you want to play in some different sandboxes,” said Finger. “But you don’t want to put all your brands in [the same] sandboxes.”