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Luxury Skin Care Benefits the Most From Influencers

A new report from Traackr outlines the online conversation surrounding skin care, as told by beauty influencers.

The influencer phenomenon continues to impact beauty — especially when it comes to luxury skin care.

In a new report called “State of Influence for Skin Care,” influencer marketing platform Traackr outlines the online conversation surrounding various skin-care categories — luxury, premium, dermatological, consumer retail and consumer packaged goods — as told by beauty influencers. The report, which references data collected between Jan. 1 and June 30, shows Clarins, La Mer and Dior as the top luxury skin-care brands with which influencers — and their followings — are interacting.

“The category seems to be on fire when it comes to social engagement by influencers in skin care and in premium skin care in particular,” said Pierre-Loïc Assayag, chief executive officer and cofounder of Traackr.

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Indie brands are also “killing it,” said Assayag, who added this was “especially noticeable” as indie brands are less likely to pay influencers for posts.

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“Many [indie brands] make a point of not paying influencers and building genuine authentic advocacy,” he said. “The larger brands tend to do more of a mix and it doesn’t make it any less authentic, but there’s more of an expectation by influencers to get paid from a larger brand.”

In the report, each skin-care category is broken down by influencer mentions, engagements and video views. Of these three, influencer mentions are most easily influenced by paying brands.

“If you want to look at something that is a better reflection of the activity by the marketing teams of a brand, you should look at influencer mentions,” said Assayag. “For engagement and video views, this is much more of a reflection of how the community that follows the influencer reacts to that content.”

Another finding is that a high amount of influencer mentions does not guarantee engagement or video views. For example, Clarins was the leader in influencer mentions for luxury skin care, but dropped to number seven in engagements and video views. Conversely, Dior was number-one in video views, two in engagements and seven in influencer mentions.

“Brands that work really hard in getting an influencer to mention their brand may be doing it in a way that feels forced,” said Assayag. “You see the community responding and not engaging in that content nearly as much.”

Read Traackr’s full report here.

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