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MAC Cosmetics Moves Forward With Second Selena Tribute

MAC, which temporarily closed its stores due to the coronavirus, will release its second makeup line in honor of Selena online.

MAC has no plans to delay its second makeup collection in honor of Selena.

The cosmetics company released its first Selena tribute in 2016, when the late singer’s fandom assembled an online petition demanding one. The line completely sold out online in five hours, and select stores stocked with the full collection sold out in one hour. The launch event, held in Corpus Christi, Tex., drew thousands.

MAC has partnered once again with Suzette Quintanilla, Selena’s sister, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the singer’s death. The Selena La Reina collection consists of four shades of lipstick, $20; three shades of lip gloss, $19; two lip pencils, $19.50; three matte lip shades, $23; an eight-pan eyeshadow palette, $35; a highlighter, $37, and a makeup bag, $35.

MAC Selena La Reina makeup tribute
A makeup bag from MAC’s Selena La Reina collection. Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

The second collection, which launches on MAC’s web site on April 21, is inspired by Selena’s famed rhinestone bra. The story of the bra, said Quintanilla, is that Selena was applying the rhinestones herself when she ran out before evening out the second side.

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“We heard her go, ‘Oh, my God,’” recalled Quintanilla. “She was upset because she ran out of stones and didn’t know what to do. Hence, the other side of the bra has a different design going on, but she made it work.”

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Last week, MAC committed $10 million to coronavirus efforts through its Viva Glam fund. The company is adjusting its plans for promotion of the Selena line, though it does not plan to delay it, said Diederik Koenders, senior vice president of global communication at MAC.

“It’s the new reality,” said Koenders, referring to the coronavirus. “We had to adjust our plans and postpone any [events] we had planned. The only thing we have to take into consideration is that we don’t know when our physical stores will reopen. We’re gonna be respectful and mindful of the situation that is happening, but we don’t want to take away the excitement and the joy we have been getting from all the Selena fans who are excited about this collaboration.”

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