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Macy’s and BeGlammed Unite for On-Demand Beauty Services

The partnership involves makeup and hair services in 22 cities with more on the horizon.

Macy’s is offering brides-to-be a new way to prep for their big day.

The department store has teamed with BeGlammed to deliver at-home primping to its customers for important occasions or to simply to look stunning for long #netflixandchill sessions. To satisfy those customers in 22 cities, the on-demand beauty service provider is tapping its network of more than 1,200 hairstylists and makeup artists to execute a teeming menu of hair and makeup options from basic touchups for $25 to comprehensive bridal prettifying for $185.

Beauty is a core signature business for us and a platform for profitable growth that we continue to build out,” said Shawn Outler, senior vice president, leased businesses at Macy’s. “Today, we sell beauty products, and we have a very loyal customer that comes to us for that, but the customer is evolving and not only just for big events. I think there is a need for your everyday girl across the country to get her makeup done and do it her way. As on-demand services grow in general, we believe there is a huge opportunity.”

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Although Macy’s shoppers will likely use BeGlammed more regularly than merely for once-in-a-lifetime occurrences, it was weddings that got the ball rolling on the BeGlammed tie-in. Outler, who stepped into her current position earlier this year after working on weddings and gifts at Macy’s, said the idea of partnering with a beauty service supplier initially arose when exploring strategies to build Macy’s wedding business. As a complement to its existing wedding repertoire, beauty services came to the fore as another chance for Macy’s to appeal to women before they travel down the aisle.

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“They have every product under the sun for their brides and beauty customers, and they want to become a one-stop shop for everyday beauty and bridal. We bring that to the table for them,” said Rebby Gregg, chief executive officer of BeGlammed. “We are in most major markets that Macy’s is in, so it is perfect alignment between them and our national footprint.” Among the cities where BeGlammed services will be available to Macy’s clientele are Los Angeles; New York; Miami; Las Vegas; San Francisco; Chicago; Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas; San Diego; Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Fla.; Phoenix; Nashville; Atlanta; and Boston.

BeGlammed has linked with retailers in the past, but nothing on the scale of its partnership with Macy’s. Similar to lease relationships the department store has with other companies, it has entered into a revenue-share arrangement with Macy’s. Customers will head to to book appointments for hair and makeup services. In-store signage as well as dedicated e-mails, social-media promotions and events will publicize BeGlammed to customers.

“The space is gaining greater awareness, and women around the country are starting to realize they no longer have to leave their homes to get their hair and makeup done, but the Macy’s partnership is certainly going to drive much greater reach and additional customers,” said Gregg. “I think the services are going to be used by a lot of different segments of the customer base, whether it is the busy mom, student, career woman or bride. We have clients who book for a blowout for a girls’ night out, and then two days later will book for a gala.”

Macy’s alliance with BeGlammed isn’t the first between an on-demand beauty services provider and a department store. Saks Fifth Avenue launched a partnership with Vênsette earlier this year. Not easily replicated with e-commerce, beauty services are an avenue for retailers to connect with customers outside brick-and-mortar environments. Elaborating on Macy’s goal for its association with BeGlammed, Outler said, “Long term, it is about driving engagement, not only with our existing customers, but also new customers.”

BeGlammed doesn’t currently sell makeup or hair products, but discussions are ongoing about how beauty products carried by Macy’s might be incorporated into services. “Right now, we are focusing on doing what we do best, which is providing hair and makeup services, but, as you can imagine, we have a captive audience for 45 minutes to an hour or however long we are in women’s home, office or hotel room to talk about products. That’s why some of the discussions with Macy’s have been about products,” said Gregg. “It’s certainly something that is on the radar, and that we will be looking at down the road.”