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Maison J.U.S Raises More Than 600,000 Euros

The two-year-old eco-friendly niche fragrance brand will use the investment to consolidate its positions in Europe and the Middle East, develop e-commerce and launch into Asia.

PARIS — Maison J.U.S, the colorful, eco-friendly niche fragrance brand, has raised more than 600,000 euros from French business angels and international investors.

J.U.S, which was launched in 2019 by fragrance and luxury industry veterans Brigitte Wormser, Thierry de Baschmakoff and Jean-Baptiste Roux, has a moniker that’s an acronym for Joyau Unique et Sensoriel (or Unique and Sensorial Jewel).

Supported by Colibri Advisory, the house has raised the funds from WeLikeAngels and Arts et Métiers Business Angels in France, alongside international investors.

The investment will help J.U.S grow its positions in Europe and the Middle East, develop the brand’s e-commerce business and launch into Asia, it said in a statement.

Asia — and especially China — is undergoing a cultural sea change when it comes to fragrance, and it’s expected by many to become the category’s largest market in the future.

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Niche perfumery is the fastest-growing segment in the perfume industry today. It increased sales by 15 percent in 2019, versus the global perfume market’s 5 percent uptick, according to data cited by J.U.S.

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Concurrently, consumers are becoming more intent on their fragrances being sustainable. J.U.S fits that bill, too, with transparent formulas, refillable packaging and French manufacturing.

The brand has 11 fragrances that have been conceived by five master perfumers. J.U.S’s portfolio is split into two parts: eight “sensory jewels,” which sell for 180 euros each, and three “unique jewels,” priced at 230 euros each.

J.U.S scents are now sold in 10 countries through 42 selective doors, such as Le Printemps Haussmann in France; Harrods and Liberty in the U.K.; Senteurs d’Ailleurs in Belgium; Tsvetnoy in Russia, and Bloomingdale’s in the Middle East.

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