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Margaret Dabbs London Entering U.S.

The podiatrist-led hand and foot care brand Margaret Dabbs London believes the time is right for Americans to rethink their extremities in antiaging terms.

Margaret Dabbs London is jumping feetfirst into the United States.

After 18 years of elevating pedicures and personal care for feet in the U.K, the podiatrist behind the namesake brand believes the time is right for Americans to rethink their extremities in antiaging terms. Her products are spreading to upscale specialty stores and spas in this country such as Smith & Brit, Joanna Czech, New Beauty Wellness and The Vintage Club, and a Margaret Dabbs London clinic is set to open Stateside by the end of this year.

“We were the very first expert hand and foot brand in the industry, and we are getting stronger and stronger. People recognize our brand, and people are realizing that there is a market for hands and feet,” said Dabbs. “The expansion and growth possibilities are immense. My aim is to have a product sold every six seconds around the world. I want global domination for hands and feet without a doubt.”

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Merging beauty and wellness before it was a trendy pairing, Dabbs brought a rigorous approach to the pedicure with her so-called medical pedicure, a 45-minute treatment that excises dry skin and calluses from feet, and shapes and hydrates nails. She branched into personal care starting by formulating the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion. “That is a product for people who feel they have the worst feet in the world,” said Dabbs. “It can turn around any skin condition on the feet. It is one of those products that people write letters to me about.”

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Today, Margaret Dabbs London sells around 25 products priced from $12 to $120. Organic Emu oil from Australia is a key ingredient in the products, and it is combined with tea tree oil, pumice, white water lily, wild rose, sunflower shoot, comfrey, vitamin E and orange peel. In addition to the foot lotion, Dabbs singled out the Professional Foot File and the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil as popular items. “It’s in a spray, but it is a dry oil, so it transforms the feet easily and quickly. It is great for feet that are prone to cracking,” she said of the foot oil. About the file, she continued, “The handle is really strong, so it takes less effort to get a great result. Also, I have developed crystal technology that gives a fine and even finish.”

Dabbs said her brand’s sales have been doubling annually. At the moment, revenues from Margaret Dabbs London clinics outpace revenues from products. There are currently five clinics in London, including locations inside Space NK and Liberty, and a clinic in Dubai. The brand plans to increase the number of clinics to 12 within the next year. Thousands and thousands of people filter through Margaret Dabbs London clinics monthly. “The clinics are massively in demand, and people travel all over the world to have treatments from us. There’s a woman from Boston who travels every six weeks to my clinic,” said Dabbs.

Industry sources estimate Margaret Dabbs London could generate $1 million in U.S. retail sales during its first year in the country and up to $10 million by its fifth year. Lisa Williams and Lesli Thies, coowners of IntelliGroup, are handling distribution here. “This is a definitely a product line that should do well in the U.S. because we really don’t have competition,” said Thies. “As the U.S. population ages, there is more focus on hands and feet. In the Asian market, it has always been a focus.”

In particular, Dabbs pointed to hands as areas of mounting concern to women. Among Margaret Dabbs London’s hand products are Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion, Intensive Anti-ageing Hand Serum and SPF 30 Sun Defence for Hands. “Hands are exposed all year-round. We wear sunscreen on our face, but that [sunscreen] hasn’t really been available for hands. We just launched it,” said Dabbs. “Hands and feet go through the aging process exactly the same as the rest of the body. Up until now, no one really considered it.”