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Martial Vivot Adds Hair Tools to Men’s Grooming Line

The hairstylist is adding two combs and a brush to his range.

Martial Vivot, hairstylist, salon owner and founder of the self-named men’s grooming line, is expanding his expertise to hair tools.

This month, Vivot introduced a comb, beard brush and moustache comb to his line, which is sold on his web site and in Barneys New York stores. The tools are priced from $30 to $48.

“It’s just something that came up organically,” Vivot said of the tools. “Beards and facial hair are past trend now — [they’re] acceptable and normal to wear no matter what job [you have]. Men are not scared of saying it’s normal for a man to take care of himself.”

Vivot used a manufacturer in France to handcraft his new products out of natural materials such as horn and wood. “Your hair gets static when you comb it with plastic,” Vivot said. “We see many tools [at the salon], but the fact that I was able to touch base with this amazing company who has been doing tools since 1875 — I didn’t want to miss [out]. It goes very well with the way we approach men’s grooming at the salon — we didn’t go through some [flimsy] company and order the combs and brush.”

The tools are available on Vivot’s web site and in Barneys stores.

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As for his salon, Vivot is opening a second location of his West 54th Street men’s club later this summer.

“We’re building a new place — it’s very downtown without being downtown,” said Vivot, noting that the new space is situated at the intersection of Hudson and Horatio Streets, between the Meatpacking District and the West Village.