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Maybelline Celebrates 100 Years

Maybelline celebrates its 100th birthday party with its new spokeswoman Gigi Hadid.

From actress Nikki Reed to Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive, both answered Great Lash Mascara when asked what their favorite Maybelline product was at the brand’s 100th anniversary party.

But Maybelline spokeswoman, Gigi Hadid, had a different answer.

“My first Maybelline product was the 24-Hour Concealer,” Hadid said. “I still have the same tube.”

Hadid also addressed the Taylor Swift Bad Blood posters circulating Instagram, where she modeled as her alter ego, Slay-Z. “Slay-Z is a word everyone is using right now on social media,” she declared. “I think it’s a hilarious word, and I’m obsessed with Beyoncé and we wanted to do a play on Jay Z so it actually came from that.” While it didn’t make a ton of sense, she remained mum on the details of Swift’s new video.

Meanwhile, the party, which was held at the IAC Building in New York City, celebrated Maybelline’s milestone where David Greenberg, president of Maybelline, and Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle, vice president of marketing, looked back at the brand and nodded to the future. The company also unveiled a philanthropic endeavor with Glamour’s The Girl Project and made an initial donation of $100,000, which was accepted by Leive.