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MD Complete Announces Investment Partnership With Marie Osmond

The singer will join the brand as owner and strategic adviser.

Marie Osmond is bringing her star power to MD Complete.

In an investment partnership with the brand, the singer is coming on board as owner and strategic adviser. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“I don’t put my name to things unless I truly believe in it,” said Osmond, who is also a spokesperson for Nutrisystem, Bodygym and her nonprofit organization, Children’s Miracle Network. “I believe when I put my name to something that people trust me and they expect to not be duped by something.”

In her new roles, Osmond will work closely with founder Dr. Brian Zelickson on everything from product development to marketing campaigns for the brand’s dermatologist level skin care.

“[Osmond’s] values on beauty and wellness mirror the company’s core belief — delivering easy solutions to look and feel your best no matter your age or skin condition,” Zelickson said. “We admire [Osmond’s] committed relationship with both women and men and see her as an instrumental leader to bridge the company’s deep technical and scientific expertise with everyday consumers.”

As the face of the brand, Osmond will work to inform consumers on the technical and scientific aspects of the skin-care line, which was created to give people access to affordable dermatologist level products. The line is found at CVS and Target stores in the U.S. and on MD Complete’s web site. Prices range from $19.99 to $69.99.

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On her strategic vision for the partnership Osmond said, “It’s really about how do you help people and get the message out to women. We don’t care about antiaging, we’re all going to age, but we want to look the best we possibly can. My role in this is to get that message out and to help people understand why this isn’t your typical skin-care line.”

While new products are in the works for this year, including a Healthy Complexion Booster with retinol and vitamin C, Osmond’s main goal is to get more consumers aware of the brand’s offerings and affordable price point.

“I only do it if I absolutely know it’s the best and I know it works,” Osmond continued on why she embarked on the partnership. “I think people trust that with me, so [the partnership] fits in with my values as far as the integrity [that] I stand for and the importance of things I back.”