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Measuring the Success of Tarte’s Dubai Influencer Trip

The trip got TikTok talking — a lot — as the latest engagement stats show.

Since the Tarte influencer Dubai trip took over TikTok mid-January, there has been much speculation on the social media app that it wasn’t successful. Some users have even pointed to job ads to suggest that there had been layoffs due to the lack of success of the trip.

Those claims appear to be false. While Tarte declined to comment on the rumors or its impact on sales, a source told Beauty Inc that those positions — senior marketing coordinator and director of brand marketing — have been open for some time and that there were no layoffs due to the trip.

And while the trip’s sales impact remains to be seen, data from Tribe Dynamics indicates Tarte did in fact reap the benefits of an upswing in social media engagement, nearly doubling its earned media value month-over-month.

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EMV assigns a unique value to a piece of content based on engagement that this content receives from users, as well as the platform that this content was published on, and attributes that value to brands mentioned in this content.

According to Tribe, Tarte garnered $19.4 million EMV between Jan. 1 and Jan. 25, up from $10.9 million the previous month, largely thanks to a surge in usage of the hashtag #TrippinWithTarte on TikTok.

Among the trip’s 50 beauty and lifestyle influencer attendees, TikTok “It” girl Alix Earle scored $797,438 EMV across 11 posts about the trip, while fellow girls-trippers Monet McMichael and Xandra Pohl posted $1.26 million and $1.17 million EMV across 21 and 18 posts about the trip, respectively.

And it appears TikTok views do (at least in this instance) translate to internet searches: data from Spate shows that U.S. Google searches for Tarte were up 35.8 percent during the week of Jan. 15, when the trip was ongoing, versus the week prior.