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Meet 100mL, the Start-up Making Travel-size Beauty Convenient

The fledgling company has partnered with brands like Aesop, Ursa Major and Maude to provide a one-stop online shopping destination for travel-size beauty and wellness products. 

100mL, a start-up founded by Kate Cervini, is looking to capitalize on the return to travel.

The company has teamed with brands including Maude, Aesop, Fortuna Skin and more to build a curated online shopping destination that allows consumers to purchase travel-friendly sizes of skin, body, oral and hair care products

“We want to help people create a relaxing experience in getting high-quality products for when they’re on the road,” said Cervini, adding that it was her own experience with last-minute, frenzied pre-travel shopping runs that spurred the idea for 100mL.

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The company has signed 10 brand partners to date, a number Cervini says is slated to double by May, which is when 100mL will hard launch (although the company is up and running now at 

Next spring, Cervini aims to host a handful of pop-ups in key cities around the globe, inaugurate a subscription offering in which shoppers can opt-in to receive customized, TSA-friendly pouches periodically and launch an app in 2024.  

“My ultimate goal is to partner with an airline, or have airport locations and vending machines in certain airports” said Cervini, adding that she also envisions 100mL airport lounges, wherein consumers can receive hair, nail and skin services as they wait for their flight. 

“We’re using this period as a great testing and research phase for us,” Cervini said. “It’s important for us to test the market and see what people are buying, at what price point; how many products people are buying, and then going from there.” 

On the 100mL site, consumers can shop travel-size products by category, with the option to build their own pouch or choose from three curated pouches — En Route, Carry On or Nomad — each containing four products and costing between $70 to $140.