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Meet the CBD Guru of the Upper East Side

Registered dietician and Daily Habit founder Brooke Alpert is helping emotional eaters trade in Xanax for CBD.

CBD has reached the Upper East Side, where registered dietician and certified holistic cannabis practitioner Brooke Alpert is prescribing a CBD protocol, alongside diet and lifestyle shifts, to emotional eaters.

The CBD craze encompasses everything from vape pens to skin care to Kim Kardashian’s baby shower. It has also been said to create a sense of calm on the user, and Alpert is promoting it to get symptoms of stress and anxiety under control.

“It started with anxiety — a lot of my clients who are emotional eaters, the underlying component is anxiety,” said Alpert, who is the affluent neighborhood’s only certified CBD expert — her credentials mean she is able to prescribe a knowledgeable CBD routine for various ailments, a subject that has proven confusing for consumers. “The wellness clients and moms that I see — instead of taking their Xanax or glass of wine, I’m having them supplement throughout the day with high-quality CBD, and they’re feeling better.”

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Since bringing CBD into her practice, Alpert estimates about 90 percent of her clients use it in some capacity — she believes it has anti-inflammatory benefits, and that it can help regulate energy levels and with post-workout recovery.

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Alpert’s own CBD product, Daily Habit, $69; is now on the market — the powder CBD formula contains 300 mg of CBD per serving. It is meant to be versatile, and can be mixed into teas, smoothies, coffee, baked goods and even soup. The CBD in Daily Habit is full-spectrum, which has been said to carry more nutritional benefits than CBD Isolate.

The idea behind Daily Habit was to create a CBD product with medicinal-like benefits that didn’t feel clinical, Alpert said. “A lot of [CBD] feels medicinal,” she noted. “It doesn’t feel like a wellness journey — it’s just another pill to swallow.”

Powders are becoming an increasingly popular form of ingestibles because of their versatility — vitamin brand New Chapter recently released its Fermented Booster Powders, available in maca, aloe, turmeric and probiotic. Needed Omega-3 Liposomal Powder, a powder version of Omega-3, is another new brand. Supplements are becoming an increasingly popular way for some consumers to attempt to regulate emotions without the use of prescription drugs — Love Wellness #Mood supplements, for example, are said to create an uplifting effect with vitamin B6, GABA, chasteberry fruit, wild yam, L-Theanine, St. John’s Wort and ginkgo leaf.

Daily Habit is for now sold on, and expected to rollout to broader retail distribution later this year.