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Influence Peddler: Megs Cahill’s Reach Set to Pop After Beauty Collaboration

In addition to partnering with Pop Beauty, Cahill is gaining exposure on Lifetime's "Glam Masters" which is coproduced by Kim Kardashian.

Megs Cahill is the first to admit she’s a David amid the Goliaths of influencers. With about 36,000 Instagram followers and 21,000 YouTube subscribers she falls in the micro-influencer category. But that didn’t halt Pop Beauty from seeking out Cahill for its latest collaboration rolling out to stores now.

“I’m still small on the scale of influencers, but to know a brand like Pop would take a chance on me was something I was dreaming of but didn’t think it would ever happen at this stage in my career,” said Cahill.

Megs Cahill Is One of Three
One of two lip products Megs Cahill created in tandem with Pop Beauty.

She created two new Permanent Pout colors for Pop, one is called Chakra, the other Pale Baby. “I actually played around mixing lip colors at home to start getting an idea of what my two creations would be,” explained Cahill, who started her social media career while still in high school. The lip colors retail for $8 and are sold on, Duane Reade, Rite Aid and select Walgreens doors. Cahill’s lip products join two other lip influencer releases from Pop. “We are working with three completely different, individual influencers,” said Sara Strand, Pop Beauty’s founder, noting they reflect the Pop customers. Social content providers have been a major force helping build sales of Pop, she noted, citing Michelle Phan as an early fan. The brand also is launching new eye shadows, illuminating powders, a multidimensional palette and metallic lip stains. Keeping with its positioning as cruelty-free formulas with bold colors, the new items include glitters which Strand believes will be big.

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Cahill is about to get much larger thanks not only to the Pop launch, but also her exposure on “Glam Masters,” coproduced by Kim Kardashian now airing on Lifetime. “Being on this show pushed me as a makeup artist and as a person. I have to say it was one of the most vulnerable things I have ever done and whenever you let yourself be vulnerable, growth follows.” While filming the television show, she was also working on the Pop lipsticks. “I am used to a busy, hectic lifestyle.” That doesn’t stop her from checking her app of choice, Instagram, which she religiously pops onto first thing in the morning and last at night. “I love seeing everyone’s photos and creations,” she explained.

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Here, WWD talks to Cahill about the first time she used a silicone sponge, to whom she looks for beauty inspiration and whether she tries every product that is shipped to her.

WWD: What type of posts get you the most interaction and likes?

Megs Cahill: Personally, my interaction and like count varies with each post. I do believe makeup looks that have some element outside of the everyday glam pulls attention quite quickly, which sparks engagement and likes.

WWD: Ever feel you are sharing too much?

M.C.: Luckily, I am very much an open book, so I don’t fear sharing too much about myself, and honestly, I think this makes me very relatable as a creator. I do keep family and love life more private until I am 100 percent sure my family, friends or partner are ready to be in front of the camera, as I always am. The average person isn’t accustomed to a camera in their face at all times the way we social media gurus are.

WWD: What are your must-have beauty products?

M.C.: I’m obviously a huge fan of Pop beauty. I also love the Beauty Blender for a quick and flawless blend out. As for hair, the GHD [Good Hair Day] works wonders to either straighten or curl hair and because I’m so blonde and have dry hair, I can’t use hot tools without the Redken Diamond Oil, it’s so hydrating and keeps my hair super shiny. Another hair quick trick I love is the Bellami extensions — they are so versatile.

WWD: Whom do you follow for beauty ideas?

M.C.: Beauty ideas for content purposes is something I am constantly brainstorming. I love to pull inspiration from talented artists like Mario Dedivanovic (@MakeupByMario) who is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. He has such a professional, clean outlook on makeup and is constantly inspiring me. Brookelle McKenzie (@bybrookelle) is an Australian makeup content creator who has flawless technique and a bold color palette that never fails to amaze me with her content and creations.

WWD: How do you feel about sponsored posts?

M.C.: Sponsored posts are essential to content creators who make a living off of social media. I think they should be done with products the creator genuinely enjoys and uses so the post is as authentic as possible. Viewers can tell if the post is purely for an ad. For example, my lipsticks with Pop Beauty are products I genuinely love and support, so it is no hassle to push these products plus; my followers know I genuinely love them. It’s important to have the post be a genuine product push, if you love it, post it.

WWD: Strangest product you ever tried?

M.C.: I don’t think of any products as weird. I think of anything “different” as unique innovation to be celebrated. For example, silicone sponges really aren’t weird, but I have to say that at first, using them was very odd for me! I couldn’t help but laugh as I slapped and swiped this little silicone tear drop full of product around my face. It felt like I made a slip and slide of foundation on my cheeks.

WWD: Do you try all of the items you get? 

M.C.: As a content creator, I’m sent p.r. [constantly]. I do try to make a point to test and play with all the products I am sent. Sometimes I can get behind with the overwhelming influx of packages but it’s important for me to play with these products so I can give an honest review and opinion to my following. I want their hard-earned money to go toward a high-performance product.

WWD: How has your approach to social media changed over the years? 

M.C.: Originally with social media I was posting just for fun, posting whatever I felt like and not really having a care. Now social media has become my job, my main source of income actually. I approach social media now as a business, a fun creative one for that matter, that needs to capture my audiences eye and inspire others.

WWD: Do you like the influencer trips — are they important to you?

M.C.: Influencer trips are an amazing way for creators to get to really know a brand or company. We get the chance to bond and cross promote with other influencers! Brand trips are a huge luxury and an opportunity a lot of creators work toward.