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Meiyume Launches Touchless Retail Sampler

The touchless product sampler is a mark of the broader shift to touchless and low-contact retail environments following the coronavirus pandemic.

Meiyume has developed a touchless product sampler for the post-coronavirus retail landscape.

To match consumer concerns over the hygiene of traditional testers, Meiyume has come up with a touchless way for clients to test products in-store as the brick-and-mortar channel reopens, the company said in a statement. Its new, no-contact sampler is motion-activated, and works with fragrances and liquid product.

The testers are one-size-fits-all, both in terms of product sizing and retail environments. They are adjustable to various packaging sizes, and Meiyume is also offering customized designs for retail or brand partners. The testers can be placed on pre-existing displays or sit on counters. It requires product off-the-shelf, and doesn’t require any tester product to be manufactured separately. Retailers can power them with either AC power or battery packs. They are expected to roll out in retail environments over the next few months.

As retailers rethink their in-store environments, Meiyume’s touchless device joins the ranks of low-contact machines with single-dose sample packets, expected to be another pillar of the sanitation-focused store brick-and-mortar experience.

The announcement of the innovation comes after stores across the U.S. reopen either for in-store or curbside services, including New York City’s nonessential businesses, which reopened on June 8 as the region entered phase one of a broader reopening strategy.

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