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‘Menopause Beauty’ Brand Raises Seed Round

Pause Well-Aging is nearing the close of a $3 million seed round, led by Swiftarc.

“Menopause beauty” brand Pause Well-Aging is raising a seed round led by Swiftarc Ventures.

Pause Well’s founder, Rochelle Weitzner, said that the $3 million round is nearly closed, and will be used primarily for marketing and clinical testing. The company has “left some room for additional strategic investors,” Weitzner said. “We’re about 85 percent closed, we’re just now very selective about who we’re going to wrap up with.”

Pause Well’s products include a Refillable Cooling Mist Kit, $95, Hydrating Cleanser, $32, 4-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Treatment, $28, Collagen Boosting Moisturizer, $72, Fascia Stimulating Tool, $115, Detox Serum, $85, Eye Renewal Treatment, $78, and Complete Face Serum, $85.

Industry sources said the business is expected to reach $10 million in sales by the end of 2023.

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The products aim to meet the needs of consumers who are in the three stages of menopause. The cooling mist, for example, was launched when Weitzner had a hot flash, and other products are meant to address diminished collagen production in the skin. “It’s about, what are those pain points associated with the hormone shifts,” she said.

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The capital from the fundraise will be used for clinical testing, which the brand has already started doing “to actually prove out the efficacy of these products,” Weitzner said, as well as marketing that efficacy to potential customers. Pause Well will look to ramp up marketing via traditional publications, Facebook and Instagram, Weitzner said, because that is where their customer is.

“It’s really about brand awareness,” Weitzner said. “We need people to understand that we exist, there are products for them. This demographic has just been ignored for so long, and there are some hurdles we faced when we very first launched the company around getting our message out.”

When Pause Well launched, Weitzner said she had a hard time getting mainstream press. “They didn’t want to write about menopause because they didn’t want their readers to feel bad about themselves,” she said. “My response to that was, ‘well, I think you’re doing a tremendous disservice to your readers because people want to know what to expect.'”

These days, the taboo around menopause has started to lift, and Weitzner said she has seen more companies entering the “menopause beauty” space. “I don’t love that name, I really want to change the category to something like ‘glamour beauty’ or, I don’t know, but it does need a name,” she said. “We started this conversation, and we had to really break down barriers that then allowed other companies to follow behind us.”

Swiftarc recently launched a $10 million fund to invest in early-stage companies. As part of the firm’s fund, it also created a beauty counsel that includes Abigail Posner of Google and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the founder of Gilt, who are available to help advise investment companies.

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