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ModiFace Introduces Artificial Intelligence

Founder and ceo Dr. Parham Aarabi explains how the company’s technology has been leading to this launch for over 10 years.

Artificial intelligence is a reality at ModiFace.

After over 10 years of offering augmented reality software, founder and chief executive officer Dr. Parham Aarabi revealed the launch of the company’s artificial intelligence program.

“What we’ve been doing piece-by-piece over a 10-year period is building the most powerful artificial intelligence engine ever made,” he said. “Modiface AI starts with trying shades on and then we add visual information, like face shape and eye shape. We understand how each parameter is dependent and related.”

Through analyzing visual information, like skin tone, face shape and hair color, ModiFace has been able to create a program that can determine what shades work best for a user and what product recommendations to give them.

“When you have a multitude of data points, this allows you to see all of these relationships and understand what factors drive what shades people are trying,” he said. The artificial intelligence software was created using some of ModiFace’s recent innovations, like Skin AI, a technology that can detect skin conditions, and its light field rendering, which changes the appearance of a shade applied on a user depending on their lighting.

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Aarabi also noted how ModiFace’s technology has become more widely adopted over the past 10 years. “Ten years ago, in-store augmented reality was more entertainment,” he said. “It was gimmicky and got people excited. Today it’s really useful. It helps narrow down from 100 shades to maybe a top five.”

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As the technology has advanced, the experience has become more realistic for users. “Augmented reality experiences that are so real that differentiating the real versus augmented reality is really hard to do,” he said. “When it achieves that realism, you see all the important metrics go up. Sharing increases, and the most important metric, sales conversions increase.”

This realism also helped ModiFace with its artificial intelligence. “We always knew that once augmented reality is as realistic as it is today, the data from it becomes really interesting,” Aarabi said. “You know what users care about and all the visual information on who the person is.”

While ModiFace has launched many innovations over the past few years, Aarbi doesn’t see the company slowing down. “My goal is that any question that a beauty marketing manager could ever ask would be answered in less than 10 seconds,” he said. “We always know that for this technology to be really effective you can’t just be the best AI technology in one industry. It needs to be the best facial AI technology across all industries.”