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ModiFace Launches Beauty Augmented Live-Stream Technology

Application of virtual makeup on live video is done in real-time.

ModiFace is at it again.

On April 6, ModiFace will unveil what the company said is the first beauty augmented live stream technology for Facebook Live and YouTube.

All partners will be able to leverage their AR apps that ModiFace has built for them to live stream virtual video makeovers. The new capability allows anyone, including makeup artists and brands, to broadcast a live video demonstration of different makeup styles by virtually applying them on their broadcast video using ModiFace’s technology. The application of virtual makeup on live video is done in real-time, meaning that it is applied instantaneously as the video is being broadcast.

The live-streaming will be available to current and future ModiFace AR partners. As with many ModiFace advancements, Sephora is stepping up first with plans to use the capability within the ModiFace-powered Sephora Virtual Artist Application.

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“Brands can now leverage this capability to reach the billions of users who are actively engaged on Facebook and YouTube,” said Jennifer Tidy, vice president of partnerships, adding it was a logical next step for the company. “In the next few months, we will be adding support for additional live-streaming platforms and technologies.”

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As part of the live-streaming announcement, ModiFace also announced the addition of one-on-one AR-based video conversations through Skype or other video chatting platforms in order for brand consultants to provide a virtual consultation with customers based on their own photo and a virtual application of products on their image.

“With this capability, the brand consultant can walk the customer through the brand’s web site, show how each product would look on the customer’s image, and based on this provide personalized shade recommendations,” said Tidy.

ModiFace continues to push the envelope in regard to how far AR can go in making virtual beauty makeovers reality. Its client roster currently includes Sephora, Allergan, L’Oréal, Unilever and Coty.