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ModiFace: Personalization and Realism Are Key for Augmented Reality

The company’s augmented reality technology has increased engagement and sharing for its brand partners.

ModiFace’s augmented reality technology has come a long way since founder and chief executive officer, Parham Aarabi, started the company 10 years ago.

Aarabi stated that through his company’s partnership with 75 of today’s top 100 beauty brands, ModiFace has been able to drive sales by giving consumers an interactive way to try on products, which also increases engagement, sharing and time spent with a brand.

“Every brand and retailer is unique, so understanding how their customer is unique and customizing the experience is extremely important especially if you want to maximize your conversions,” he said. “For someone to buy a product based on a simulation, they have to believe those actual colors and shade simulations, so that realism is extremely important.”

To give users believable results, ModiFace uses a technology called light field rendering. This technology takes data points from every frame of the image to determine lighting, like from the shine of the lips or the contrast of the eyes. These data points then allow the simulation to change appearance as the user walks around to show them how a certain shade would look in different lighting.

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Another innovation ModiFace is bringing to its brand partners is livecasting. Livecasting allows users to broadcast a simulation to their followers in order to get instant feedback and engage with others.

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“The idea [of livecasting] is as someone is using the application, they can broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube Live and get immediate feedback,” Aarabi continued. “Essentially this turns every user into an influencer, letting them share and get feedback instantly from their network.”

For the future, ModiFace is working to create real-time mirrors that allow users to try out makeup and hair colors in their reflection. The company is also working with sound engineer, SoundHound, to enable sound activation so users can have questions answered in real-time and have a more precise makeup application.

ModiFace has also developed a technology that follows users’ eye-browsing patterns to see where they are primarily looking when using the augmented reality application. With this technology, brands can place messages, advice or advertisements in key areas on the screen and can also know what the user found most important, like a brand or shade name.