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Moon Juice to Enter Sephora

The ingestible beauty brand is set to launch its adaptogenic herbal dusts at the retailer in September.

Sephora is betting big on beauty from the inside out.

Moon Juice, the California-based brand of ingestible adaptogenic blends touting health and beauty-enhancing benefits, is set to enter 25 of the retailer’s doors on Sept. 15. It will also be sold on

Two Moon Juice products — the full-size Beauty Dust jars and Full Moon, a sampler box containing 12 sachets of each Dust variety — will be sold on new wellness-themed end caps that Sephora is introducing next month. The other dust varieties include Brain, Sex, Power, Spirit and Dream.

The rollout is part of a larger plan for the brand to ultimately land in all Sephora doors, as it positions itself as a full-fledged ingestible beauty brand.

“Beauty [Dust] is our top-selling dust,” said Elizabeth Ashmun, president of Moon Juice. Ashmun, a food and beauty industry veteran, came to Moon Juice in May after leaving her role as chief marketing officer of Murad. Prior to that, she was the vice president of marketing at Kate Somerville. “When we look at our demographic it very clearly matches with the Sephora demographic, and we get constant requests to increase our product availability.”

Moon Juice’s founder, Amanda Chantal Bacon, started the brand as a Venice, Calif.-based juice shop that sold that sold herbal remedies and snacks. Now, the store has three locations in Los Angeles and Moon Juice-branded products are sold on Net-a-porter, at Urban Outfitters and in smaller outlets like Erewhon, the natural foods grocer in L.A.

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Aside from the dusts, later this year Moon Juice will introduce “dusted chocolates” that correspond with each dust variety and contain the same amount of adaptogens as a standard serving of the dusts. The brand is also relaunching its original dusts with formulas designed to be even more potent than the original.

Ashmun noted that consumers see Moon Juice as a beauty brand because it promises aesthetic benefits by working to fix problems from the inside out.

“It just illustrates the convergence we’re seeing between food, beauty, health and wellness. 80 percent or more comes from what’s happening internally,” said Ashmun. “It’s all combined now.”

The brand would not discuss financials, but industry sources suggest Moon Juice could soon reach $50 million in sales.