NEW YORK — Jingles International would like to become music to the ears of consumers.

Executives at the 12-year-old salon hair care line, which has already garnered worldwide sales of $6.5 million, want to broaden awareness of the brand. In its first consumer marketing push, the company has devised an initiative that will include salon-based sampling, new retail display units and improvements in packaging and formulations.

The new push, which coincides with an increase in distribution from its current 10,000 doors to 15,000 by yearend, could drive sales past the $9 million mark. Jingles’s U.S. business accounts for three-quarters of total volume. International distribution includes Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Consumer marketing was one of the first orders of business of Jingles president and chief executive officer David Leib, whose San Diego-based company, skin care brand Robanda, merged with Jingles last March.

It was out with the old and in with the new following the merger, according to Leib, who continued a Jingles repackaging initiative that started prior to last March. Old stockkeeping units were eliminated and the entire line was revamped. Next on the agenda was a reformulation plan for some shampoos that are nearly as old as the line itself. This is ongoing today.

“[The shampoos] were good performers but they needed extras: new packaging, new ingredients and different names,” said Leib. “We’re going to strive to have the best formulations possible.” As a result of this effort, three new shampoos, whose names are not yet final, are slated for introduction in May. Jingles’s first sampling program will support its launch. About one million combo packs containing three 5-ml. shampoo packets of each new formula will be available to consumers in salons where the brand is carried. Jingles also plans to install a six-foot-tall freestanding display unit showcasing the 45-sku line in its salons to “give us identity when [patrons] walk in.” Shampoos, conditioners, styling and finishing products in the collection range in price from $9 to $14.

In addition to shampoos, first half launches will include a tea tree oil-based conditioner. The conditioner complements a tea tree oil-based shampoo that was launched in August. Both are priced at $11.99 for eight ounces. These items are the first of a planned tea tree extract subsegment that could eventually include five sku’s. Also, in April, new styling products are due.

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The Jingles brand name was inspired by an unrelated U.K.-based company that operates educational facilities. “We’re going through a really strong growth phase at the moment,” Leib said. “I expect February, March and April to be strong.”