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MoveOn Launches ‘Nail the Vote’ Campaign Ahead of Midterm Elections

The political action committee has partnered with cultural strategy agency TaskForce for a crafty approach to engage young voters in the upcoming midterm elections. 

With its new campaign, MoveOn aims to amplify voter turnout in this year’s upcoming midterm elections by primping the nails of prospective Millennial and Gen Z voters. 

Launching on Oct. 3 in partnership with cultural strategy agency TaskForce, the “Nail the Vote” campaign offers two limited-edition nail sticker sets designed by TaskForce’s art director, Ariel Wilson, which will retail for $15 each on MoveOn’s website and benefit the organization’s voter election campaign. 

MoveOn has tapped superstar Alicia Keys to promote the cause, as well as high-profile nail artists such as Britney Tokyo, Miho Okawara and Leanne Woodley to create bespoke, voting-themed nail art for their celebrity clients. 

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Because midterm elections have historically lagged in voter turnout relative to presidential elections, MoveOn sought out alternative means to bridge the enthusiasm gap. 

“We believe in the philosophy that politics is where some people live, sometimes, but culture is where most people live, all the time,” said Rahna Epting, executive director, MoveOn. “As a political campaigning organization, we are very much aware that not everyone thinks about politics day-in and day-out like we do, so we want to reach folks where they are actually spending their time, and nail art is one of those places.”

The strategy has proved valuable for the organization before. 

During the 2020 presidential election, MoveOn and TaskForce launched their first iteration of the “Nail the Vote” campaign, employing celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Ciara and Gabrielle Union in a bid to increase voting rates among Gen Z and Millennials. 

Similarly, the organizations partnered last year for a “Nails Against Hate” campaign, which sought to counter anti-Asian sentiment through similar means. 

“[Nail art] is a fun way for everyone to take part in something like this and express themselves in different ways around how they support voting and civic engagement, while emphasizing the importance of the moment and all that is at stake in this election cycle,” said Epting.