At MakeUp in New York on Sept. 10, the layout was a bit of a maze, but the product trends provided plenty of direction.

The second morning of the two-day conference and trade show, which brought together suppliers and cosmetics brands, began with a talk by Mintel beauty and personal-care analyst Sarah Jindal, focusing on current global color cosmetics trends.

One key trend was an uptick in desire for the simplicity and convenience of multibenefit products. According to Jindal, “40 percent of U.S. makeup-wearers believe multibenefit makeup products allow them to use less skin care, and 38 percent use them to simplify their routine.”

Crystal International, a Toronto-based supplier, was previewing one of its new patents at the show, an adjustable dual dispensing technology that allows two products to reside in one package — think two lipsticks in one stick. “This could easily work for skin care or fragrance, or a treatment-corrector combination as well,” said director of business development Dede Yoder.

Cosmetics Group USA, a California manufacturer, was launching a similar product with a different effect. The new Cream Contour Duo Stick was designed to simplify the contouring process, allowing for two contouring products in, again, one stick — meant as a time and money-saver for consumers.

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Roberts Group was showing off its new Rollerball Doe Foot, an applicator containing a rollerball that can dispense a treatment product in tandem with eye or lip makeup.

High-intensity pigmentation and effects like glitter, mirroring, and metallics were also well-represented. “We saw a huge trend toward neutral colors last fall, and now coming out of that we’re moving toward brighter, bolder, high-impact color palettes,” Jindal said. “Bold lipstick colors are hot right now, and as we look at various social media channels, bold eye looks are dominating. Nail art was all the rage, but we’re seeing that start to taper off.”

At the iTiT Cosmetics booth, an Italian cosmetics design company that  supplies products for brands like Urban Decay and Laura Mercier, a supersaturated, glitter-ombré effect lipstick from the 2017-18 collection was commanding all the attention.

Project coordinator Katie Nissen of Cosmetics Group USA pointed out a slew of their new products with bold finishes, including a matte metal lipstick and a prismatic cream-to-powder eye shadow with a super pigmented, high-intensity finish. “These have been really popular [at the show].”

With special effects in high demand, some new products were touted for purely aesthetic purposes. Christopher Capossela of Qualipac, a packaging manufacturer, was quick to show off some of his company’s recent developments, including the ubiquitous Christian Louboutin nail polish bottle. Among the more recent effects available was a “debossing in mold” techniques, which is meant to create an embossed-look and leather-like feel, and will appear on Gucci’s new mascara launch come October. “It looks nice and feels luxurious – it’s an aesthetic benefit.”

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