Despite the slow growth of the nail industry and the penetrating  New York Times story that investigated employee abuses in nail salons, founder and managing director of Nails Inc, Thea Green, hasn’t seen any fallout for her brand.

During her presentation at the WWD Beauty Summit, Green spoke about the struggling nail landscape today and how her company is embracing the challenges.

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“Nails like many other factors of color cosmetics operates in cycles,” Green said. “But we all know the rise is inevitable again.”

For Nails Inc, the company has focused on its treatment assortment with ranges like NailKale, Superfood and a Halal collection for the Middle East.

“The reality is, the loyalty comes from treatment products,” she declared. “You have to have the combination of both the fashion, the color and the trend knowledge as well as treatment. Think of it as part color, part skin care.”

Besides expanding its treatment products, Nails Inc recently redesigned some of its bottles and worked with Fabien Baron “to create a must-have, dressing table, style bottle.” Green also mentioned that she upped the ante with collaborations with celebrities like Victoria Beckham.

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“When the industry got over commoditized we wanted to secure our position as the innovator inside and out,” Green said. “It worked well. We gained share, took space from our competitors and managed to open new territories in a difficult market.”

Meanwhile, Green is set on bringing together product and service. She recently partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue on a Nails Inc nail bar. Like her nails bars in the U.K. she is able to receive feedback from clients.

Additionally, the company is targeting other channels and is creating a professional line called Nails Inc Pro.

But Green still faces a big challenge, which is to get consumers to finish their bottle of nail polish. Customer’s expectations have gotten higher, but she is confident that the rapid growth of nail will return.

“The best results and successes are always complimented by repeat purchases in treatment product,” she said. “That’s how we’ve grown loyalty at Nails Inc.”