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Nars Color Quest Launches on Roblox

Nars Cosmetics’ latest digital innovation brings users to the intersection of makeup and the tropics.

Nars Cosmetics is evolving its virtual roadmap. 

For its latest venture, the brand has partnered with metaverse company Supersocial to launch an immersive virtual experience called Nars Color Quest on Roblox. 

In the online realm, users can explore a variety of tropical islands, each inspired by one of Nars’ top franchises: Blush, Laguna and Light Reflecting, while customizing avatars, virtually trying on and collecting Nars products and connecting with others. 

Consumers can also interact with non player characters (NPCs) dispersed throughout the virtual world, such as the brand’s founder, François Nars, to unlock new abilities and advance through the game.  

“The Roblox platform was a natural fit to host Nars Color Quest, given its global reach and highly engaged, scaled audience that continues to age up,” said Dina Fierro, vice president, global digital innovation and strategy at Nars. 

Nars is the latest beauty company to foray into the Roblox ecosystem, which has an estimated 54 million daily active users and also hosts Givenchy Parfums’ Givenchy Beauty House, as of last June.  

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This launch marks the most recent in a string of digital ventures by Nars, which previously commissioned three artists to create NFTs, and collaborated with gaming platform Drest in 2021 to commemorate the launch of its Air Matte Lip Pigment collection, which users could virtually try on through the app. 

“Artistry is central to the brand’s creative expression, and Nars Color Quest helps introduce the Roblox community to the endless possibilities of makeup,” said Nars’ global artistry director, Jane Richardson. “Makeup is a powerful tool to convey mood, character, culture and ideas within our lives virtually or otherwise.”