ARDEN ANGLES TOWARD TV: The fragrance industry uses QVC and the Home Shopping Network primarily to sell off older scents, saving the newest launches for department and specialty stores.

But Elizabeth Arden has been talking to QVC about developing a fragrance line exclusively for the shopping network. The project, reportedly in the works for months, was due to launch in February. However, according to an Arden spokeswoman, it’s been delayed.

“We’re talking to QVC,” she said. “We haven’t come up with anything yet. We might do something in March or April.”

ASSESSING HER ASSETS: Now that Diane Von Furstenberg has sold over $10 million worth of her Silk Assets and Accessories collection on QVC, she is looking toward a new concept.

In August, Von Furstenberg will launch Casual Chic, a line of casual clothing consisting mainly of knitwear. Silk Assets, which includes jackets, blouses, tunics, slacks and scarves, will continue to be sold, the designer said.

STARGAZING: Not to be outdone by AT&T, which is testing an interactive service in Castro Valley, Calif., Bell Atlantic plans to test Stargazer, an interactive system in Virginia this summer.

In addition to video-on-demand and syndicated reruns, Stargazer will offer serious shopping. Bell Atlantic’s goal is to create a video mall filled with national retailers. The company declined to reveal any names.

The Stargazer system will initially consist of one channel, but others could be developed in the future. “This will be a department store channel,” a Bell Atlantic spokeswoman said. “Eventually, the vision is to have a discount mall, a lifestyle mall, a cooking channel or a golf channel all within Stargazer.”

Stargazer will be delivered to homes through telephone lines, using a technology called ADSL.