HEARST’S HIGHWAY: Since Alfred C. Sikes, a former Federal Communications Commission chairman, was named president of the Hearst New Media & Technology division last March, there has been speculation over how the corporation would make its entrance onto the electronic highway.

On Monday, Hearst said it has joined a consortium of Canadian firms that are developing an interactive, transactional multimedia network.

The network, called Universal Bidirectional Interactive (UBI), was formed through Le Groupe Videotron, one of Canada’s leading cable providers.

UBI will offer more than shopping or video-on-demand. Viewers will be able to use financial services and electronic mail, and place classified ads. Home shopping won’t be neglected, however. UBI has already signed letters of intent with Sears Canada and Avon, a Hearst spokesman said.

EVANS DOES FACE CREAM: If you liked her hair, you’ll love her skin.

Primage by Sevinor hopes that will be the reaction of women when Linda Evans takes to the airwaves next month to hawk its skin care collection.

Evans, a former spokeswoman for Clairol, will sell the new Primage treatment line via a 30-minute infomercial.

The five-product system was developed by Sheldon J. Sevinor, a Boston-based plastic surgeon. While the products work well on post-surgery skin, the company said a face-lift is not required before use.