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Neutrogena Is Launching Personalized, 3D-Printed Skin Supplements With Nourished

Neutrogena has partnered with Nourished to launch bespoke gummies designed to optimize skin health. 

Neutrogena is betting big on personalization. 

The brand is leveraging its existing Skin360 mobile app to bring forth a technology that will further address consumers’ unique skin needs: 3D-printed personalized supplements. 

Formulated in partnership with fast-growing personalized supplement company Nourished, the vegan, sugar-free gummies — called SkinStacks — combine Nourished’s 3D-printing machinery and Neutrogena’s digital skin assessment for a resulting seven-layer supplement “stack,” each layer containing a nutrient that caters to a specific skin concern. 

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“Consumers are looking at their health holistically — not just from a topical perspective, but also from the inside-out,” said Roberto Khoury, senior vice president and general manager at Neutrogena. “We want to explore all avenues that can contribute to keeping your skin’s vitals at their best.”

To receive a personalized SkinStack, consumers must snap a 180-degree selfie using the Skin360 app, which uses a proprietary algorithm to assess the skin and ascertain appropriate nutrient and treatment recommendations.

Depending on one’s detected skin needs and declared skin goals (of which there are five to choose among: Ageless, Clear, Hydrate, Glow and Resilient), the supplements include nutrients such as vitamins A through D, Selenium, zinc, riboflavin, coenzyme Q10 and more. 

The nutrient stack, which costs $49.99 for a 28-day supply, is then developed by Nourished, which launched in 2020 and taps 3D-printing technology because it allows for a zero-waste manufacturing process and a yet-unmatched speed to market. 

“3D printing means we only have to order exactly what we need,” said Melissa Snover, chief executive officer and founder of Nourished, who initially harnessed the technology to create personalized gummy candies at The Magic Candy Factory and ultimately saw its potential for the health and wellness sector. 

“We have never thrown a product away — not even a raw material, like an ingredient or a nutrient or vitamin. We do what we do in a very data-driven way, so that we’re extremely efficient in the way that we manage our supply chain,” said Snover. 

The nutrient stacks are delivered to the consumer within 14 days of order placement. 

“A lot of people are using the words personalization, but very few people are actually doing it,” said Snover. “By integrating our technology with Neutrogena’s skin scan, we have something that’s not been done before and is more personalized than what we’re seeing [on the market] right now.” 

The collaboration marks Neutrogena’s latest endeavor aiming to bring tailor-made skin solutions to consumers. 

In 2018 brand introduced the Skin360 app, along with the SkinScanner, a device that can be attached to one’s iPhone camera in order to magnify the camera’s power, thus allowing for a more effective skin scan. 

In 2021, Neutrogena began beta testing MaskiD, a technology that will provide consumers with personalized, 3D-printed sheet masks, and like the supplements is underpinned by the Skin360 app. 

“As a brand that is focused on skin health, our priority is to bring efficacy and science in a very simple and inclusive way — that blend of sophistication and simplicity is extremely important,” said Khoury. “We’re going to learn much more from the ingestibles launch, and then we’ll keep exploring and experimenting in order to provide an even fuller experience and service to consumers.”