NEW YORK — Students at the Fashion Institute of Technology will soon be taking their noses out of books and into a perfume lab.

In April, a group enrolled in the school’s Cosmetics Marketing program will be the first to use the Annette Green Fragrance Foundation Studio, which was completed this week.

The 980-square-foot space holds a laboratory where students will use raw materials to learn the process of developing fragrances, eventually creating their own.

In addition, a specially ventilated, odor-free room has been built where students can perform fragrance evaluations, processes where finished scents are described and their commercial potential is evaluated.

“If we’re going to send graduates into the fragrance industry, they may as well have an understanding of the products they’ll be working with,” said Prof. Peg Smith, chair of the Cosmetics Marketing program. “This will prepare them for any line of work that involves fragrance.”

Green, the president of the Fragrance Foundation as well as chair of FIT’s Action Council for the Cosmetic, Fragrance and Toiletry Industry, oversaw a campaign that raised around $100,000 to pay for the construction of the laboratory space and some of the raw materials. Numerous fragrance suppliers have also donated beakers and factices, as well as essential oils.

“It’s the only facility of its kind in the country,” said Green. “It took a while to convince the industry that it was needed, but now they’re enthusiastic.”

She noted that each student in the Cosmetics Marketing program serves an internship with a beauty company, and that New Woman has created a scholarship in her name.

The class that will be taught in the new lab, called Fragrance Knowledge, will be run by Virginia Bonofiglio, who has been an industry consultant and who has also worked for such perfumeries as Givaudan-Roure and Florasynth.