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New Waterless Products From Nolé, Saro de Rúe, Superzero and More

A slew of new waterless product launches prove that eco-conscious beauty doesn't have to be a compromise. 

Nolé Arnica for Volume Set

$30 at

shampoo conditioner
Nolé Arnica for Volume Set Photo Courtesy of Nolé

Brought to life as a result of Nolé founder Alida Boer’s own encounter with postpartum hair loss, the Arnica for Volume shampoo and conditioner set utilizes natural ingredients such as Honduras’ native batana oil, meant to restore hair thickness and health.

Extracted from the nut of the American Palm Tree by the indigenous Miskito people (also known as the Tawira), batana oil is revered in Central and South America for its wide-ranging benefits.

“After the baby, I went through a lot of stress and my hair started falling out,” Boer said. “I went on a trip to Honduras, and there was an oil you can only find there that has amazing properties for the skin and hair. A tribe there called the Tawira have been using it for years, and they are known as ‘the people of beautiful hair.'”

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Designed to target hair loss, the vegan shampoo and conditioner bars are available for purchase by U.S. and Canadian shoppers as of March. Boer did not specify first-year sales expectations, but industry sources estimate the Arnica for Volume Set will reach $250,000 in sales during its first year on the market. 

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Grove Collaborative Peach Not Plastic Big Kids! Hand and Body Bar in Sunny Orange

$5.95 at

Body bar
Grove Collaborative Peach Not Plastic Big Kids! Hand and Body Bar in Sunny Orange. Photo Courtesy of Grove Collaborative

Among the latest additions to Grove Collaborative’s growing range of plastic-free products is the Big Kids! Hand and Body Bar in Sunny Orange, which is part of the brand’s newly released Peach Kids Collection. 

Designed for kids ages six to 12 years old, the easy-grip bar is a hybrid body wash and hand soap made with vegan, naturally derived ingredients and fragrances. The equivalent of up to four 12-ounce bottles of conventional body wash, the bar lasts up to 100 washes. 

Peach has been a brand that makes it clear that you don’t have to compromise performance or fun when it comes to sustainability,” said Stuart Landesberg, cofounder and chief executive officer of Grove Collaborative. “The brand is fun, delightful and energetic. In the children’s space, in particular, that perspective is really differentiated and needed.” 

The sunny orange hand and body bar is one of six products in the Peach Kids Collection, which includes an array of shampoo, conditioner and body bars.

Landesberg stated that in 2021, Peach achieved “mid-single-digit” millions in revenue, and he anticipates the brand’s sales to nearly double in 2022, with the launch of Peach Kids being a key driver of this growth. 

Kate McLeod Clearing Stone

$38 at

Body Bar
Kate McLeod Clearing Stone Photo Courtesy of Kate McLeod

Kate McLeod’s newly launched Clearing Stone intends to help cleanse negative energy and alleviate stress.

Formulated with a blend of essential oils including lavender, clary sage and palo santo, the stone delivers a woodsy yet floral scent as it moisturizes the skin. The base of the stone consists of cocoa butter and a proprietary blend of oils, including avocado oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil.

“What I love about cocoa butter is that it’s so smooth and glides right on,” McLeod said. “So by just adding these lovely light base oils, we’ve been able to maintain that smoothness.”

Beyond its moisturizing capabilities, McLeod said the stone is good for soothing a sunburn and can even be used as a soothing addition to a hot bath toward the end of its life. “Eventually, it’s going to break into a few pieces,” she said. “Pour yourself a hot bath, throw those pieces in there and it’ll be this deeply nourishing bath.”

Industry sources suggest the stone will do $1 million in retail sales during its first 12 months on the market, although McLeod did not comment on the estimates.

Saro de Rúe Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging System

$170 at

Hyaluronic acid
Saro de Rúe Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging System Photo courtesy of Saro de Rúe

Not all hyaluronic acid is created equal — or, at least, such is the philosophy of Mimi Kim, founder of Saro de Rúe. 

Inspired by the use of freeze-dried hyaluronic acid in wound dressing and other medical practices, Kim sought to bring the same technology to skin care. The Saro de Rúe Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging System consists of two components: freeze-dried hyaluronic acid tablets and an activator serum, which is made with purslane, pomegranate and white mulberry.

The tablets themselves are 98.5 percent pure hyaluronic acid, also containing squalene for its antiaging properties and tocopherol, a form of vitamin E. “The freeze-dried technology makes this hyaluronic acid so concentrated, potent and pure because there are no preservatives or chemical additives,” Kim said.

To activate a tablet, add eight to 10 drops of the Pure Activator, and the mixture turns into a serum that aims to hydrate, plump and brighten the skin for up to 72 hours. 

Kim did not comment on sales expectations for the serum, but industry sources estimated it will reach just over $1 million in retail sales during its first year on market.

Superzero Ceramide Body Balm Bars

$48 at

Body Bar
Superzero Ceramide Body Balm Bar in Refresh Photo courtesy of Superzero

Superzero has made its first foray into body bars.

Known primarily for its selection of hair care bars, Superzero is extending its reach into body care with the release of its Ceramide Body Balm Bars in Relax, Refresh and Relief. Packed with botanicals such as squalane, reishi extract, jojoba seed oil and cocoa butter, the bars claim to repair skin barrier function and reduce inflammation as they moisturize.

“The super botanicals have beautifying effects,” said Superzero founder Conny Wittke. “Squalane for tightening and brightening, reishi as an antioxidant, they are packed with hydrating ingredients and on top of it, they’re really concentrated.”

The product’s application is also intended to be a pampering experience, similar to that of a massage, Wittke said. “We take the compromise out of waterless beauty,” she said. “Besides hair care, we wanted to bring that same philosophy to body.”

Since the line launched in March, the refresh body balm bar, which has a citrusy-woody scent, has proven to be the most popular among consumers. Wittke did not comment on sales expectations, but industry sources estimate the Body Balm Bars will do $400,000 in sales during their first year on the market.


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