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NielsenIQ Looks Back at 2021 Holiday Themes

NielsenIQ's beauty client director, Anna Mayo, explains key themes and trends from 2021 holidays onward.

From personalization to the evolution of sustainability, here are NielsenIQ’s forward-looking trends, from beauty client director Anna Mayo.

  1. As consumers search less for brands and more for ingredients and benefits, searches grew 109 percent, 293 percent and 322 percent for fragrance with musk, skin care with antioxidants and hair care with salicylic acid, respectively.
  2. Eighty-one percent of grocery searches on Amazon aren’t branded. “Consumers aren’t looking for brands specifically, they’re searching for a product, plus a claim,” Mayo said.
  3. “We’ve seen this huge growth in personalization and more specific products. People are really knowing they can look for exactly what they want. They don’t just have to settle for, say, one curly hair shampoo. Now, there’s like 17 different options,” Mayo said.
  4. Sustainability and products billed as “clean” are evolving. “When we think about clean beauty, consumers were looking to strip out those bad ingredients. Now, the conversation is shifting against single-use plastics,” Mayo said.
  5. Vegan skin care products saw searches grow 53 percent, refillable fragrance searches grew 431 percent, and hair care in biodegradable packaging saw searches skyrocket 1,587 percent.
  6. Retailer support for clean will also continue. “There’s been push by some retailers as well, like Ulta Beauty‘s program with Loop, and Sephora has the new Clean + Planet Positive badge,” Mayo said.
  7. Travel sizes are on the rise, too. “We started to see that pick up in September and October. It’s pointing to people being willing to get out there and travel again,” Mayo said.
  8. Travel-sized fragrances, hair care and makeup searches grew 42 percent, 94 percent, and 293 percent, respectively.

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