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Nubian Heritage Unveils ‘Venture Out’ Content Series

The series of videos and GIFs are meant to educate consumers on the transition from a synthetic to a natural deodorant.

Nubian Heritage wants you to take a chance.

Risk-taking is part of the brand’s new content series, “Venture Out,” a four-part campaign showing how small changes, like switching to a natural deodorant, can mirror the emotional reward of completing a larger task, like climbing a mountain or skydiving.

“We’re breathing a lot of new life into a more cohesive, 360-degree approach to content creation and delivery,” said Michael Lupo, senior vice president of marketing at Sundial Brands, the parent company of Nubian Heritage. “We came across a lot of concern and frustration online when folks are trying to transition away from a synthetic deodorant into a natural deodorant, so we wanted to find a way to engage people to help educate them.”

The first part of the series, which launches Aug. 7, is the brand’s hero video of the “Venture Out” series, which shows three individuals using the brand’s natural deodorants and getting ready to hike a mountain. The video and accompanying animated GIFs will be seen across the brand’s social media platforms as well as through influencers the brand is working with. Then the brand will release materials that educate customers on the different steps their body will go through when transitioning to a natural deodorant.

“[The video] is pushing what is traditionally part of the Nubian Heritage brand, which is this lifestyle of venturing out around the world,” Lupo continued. “Our whole concept is about finding global ingredients with ancient remedies and bringing them to modern practices, so we have three amazing people who are starting their day in the city and venturing out in their own ways.”

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The third component of the series includes content created with influencers, like Noah Neiman, cofounder of Rumble Boxing. Nubian Heritage teamed with Neiman to venture out and help him conquer his fear of skydiving, which he did while wearing the brand’s natural deodorant. The influencer component of the series is meant to encourage people to conquer their fears and embark on new journeys. The brand also worked with Neiman on the fourth part of the series to have him participate in #TheHugChallenge, which has Neiman embracing strangers on a hot day to show the effectiveness of the natural deodorant.

“For Nubian Heritage it’s more than products,” Lupo said on why the brand started the content series. “Having influencers and real people integrated with the product is the first step in creating a long-lasting brand that people have love for.”

After launching the content for the natural deodorants, Nubian Heritage plans to evolve the series to include other high-performing products. The brand also has two to four other influencers lined up to collaborate for the series.

“It’s real and it’s honest,” Lupo said on why he thinks the series will resonate with customers. “The Millennial mind-set is shifting, and there is this desire for authenticity and a realistic look and feel.”