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NYC Beauty Maps Out City’s Retail Scene

The app includes 92 beauty stores across the five boroughs.

From department stores to pop-ups, heritage brands to niche labels, the New York beauty retail scene offers a multitude of options spanning all categories. With new stores popping up every season, Laura Peruchi saw a need for a comprehensive shopping guide for the New York beauty addict.

Thus the Brazilian beauty blogger came up with the idea for NYC Beauty, a mobile app that maps out New York’s beauty retail scene across the five boroughs.

“I realized that people only go to drugstores and Sephora,” Peruchi said on what led her to launch the app, which she cocreated with her husband, Thiago Ghisi, who works as a software engineer. “My readers are always asking me where to find products and what beauty stores to go to.”

Because she had been receiving these kinds of questions from her followers since she moved to New York in 2014, Peruchi first put together an e-book at the end of 2015 with roughly 80 beauty stores to serve as a beauty shopping guide. Quickly realizing that this wasn’t the most optimal way to have an updated reference, Peruchi took the information and created the app, which now consists of 92 stores and is routinely updated with new store openings.

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“I did research by visiting all of the stores to know more about the brands. I put all the stores together, but I wanted to have some categories to show the big [beauty] trends in the city,” she said.

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The app includes a map view of the city to show where all the stores are located, but also allows users to search for specific types of beauty. The stores are broken down into general categories, including makeup, skin care and hair care, but are also categorized by popular trends such as natural beauty and K-beauty. Users can also look into each retailer to see what kinds of products are offered, price points and a small description of the store. An upcoming iteration of the app will allow users to search by brand to see which retailers sell the brand’s products.

Peruchi has also teamed with retailers to give users special deals and discounts if they present her app in-store. For example, during July users can receive 30 percent off of their purchases at Korean beauty store, Club Clio.

While Peruchi is a huge fan of Flushing for beauty shopping, she still sees Greenwich Village and SoHo as the hot spots for the coolest beauty brands, especially with the upcoming Innisfree store opening in Union Square and Hourglass Cosmetics opening on Crosby Street.

Peruchi originally launched the app as a guide for tourists but is working to build awareness for it among New York residents through her social media presence. (The app is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.)

“Today you cannot have an app without social media, so you have to always be speaking with your followers,” she said, also stating she wants to transition the app into a platform for tips and reviews. “Everybody knows a beauty tip or a great product, so I think [the app] can be a platform where everyone can search about beauty stores and learn about new tips.”

NYC Beauty is available for download now on iOS and Android.