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NYX Professional Makeup’s Newest Tool: Virtual Reality Tutorials

The buzzy beauty brand will rollout a virtual reality experiences to 42 stores in time for the holiday crunch.

NYX Professional Makeup, which already operates some of the most technology-loaded retail doors in the beauty industry, is launching virtual reality makeup tutorials in select stores starting on Dec. 18.

The L’Oréal-owned beauty brand teamed with Samsung Electronics America to fuse beauty and technology using Samsung Gear VR.

Called the “Impossibly NYX Professional Makeup” experience, NYX turned to a VR product agency called Cubicle Ninjas to help link NYX customers to brand ambassadors. Several technologies, such as light field capture, are harnessed to enhance the experience featuring three makeup tutorials lead by beauty vloggers Kristen Leanne, Mykie (also known as “Glam & Gore”) and Karen Sarahi Gonzalez. Consumers can use the Gear VR Controller powered by Oculus to select products they would like to learn more information about, and at the end of the experience, users will receive a special offer to purchase the products featured in the tutorial at a special price. NYX stores already offer experiences such as scanners to learn more about products, selfie sharing and in-store video tutorials.

“NYX Professional Makeup is a digitally native brand with millions of followers across our global social media platforms,” said Mehdi Mehdi, vice president of digital at NYX Professional Makeup. “We aim to seamlessly incorporate digital into everything we do, and see virtual reality as the new frontier in the beauty industry.”

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Mehdi said the brand’s community is passionate about the connection to beauty influencers. “Samsung’s Gear VR technology provides our customers with a level of immersion and proximity to their favorite beauty vloggers that they’ve never experienced before.”

Rachel Weiss, vice president of digital innovation and entrepreneurship at L’Oréal USA, was instrumental in helping shape the experience, as well as facilitating the partnership with Samsung, according to NYX. “The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, and we’re evolving with it. We have been reinventing the future of beauty services for years, and we see this partnership as the natural evolution to that. Through VR, we’re creating more dynamic, personalized experiences that add value for our customers in a new and personalized way,” Weiss said.

The “Impossibly NYX Professional Makeup” Gear VR experience will be available in select NYX Professional Makeup stores next week, followed by a nationwide rollout across the brand’s 42 retail stores over the course of 2018.

“Technology is changing the way we live our lives: people and brands are experimenting and accomplishing things in ways we never thought possible, in part due to immersive, accessible technologies like Gear VR,” stated Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics America. “Together with L’Oréal and NYX Professional Makeup, we are transforming the beauty retail experience with virtual reality and reinventing how brands connect with their consumers.”