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Olive & June Rolls Out Sandal in First Product Launch

The nail salon sees continued product expansion in its future as it looks to build out a full lifestyle brand.

Sarah Gibson Tuttle aims to test whether a nail salon can be built into a full-fledged lifestyle brand with her company’s launch into its first product category.

Gibson Tuttle is a former JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley equity sales trader turned founder of the Olive & June nail salons, which have built a loyal following with its Instagram-worthy, modernist-designed outposts where personalization helps keep it a step ahead of the competition. The company has now ventured into footwear with the launch of its first sandal, called the Saturday Sandal. The sandal is sold in its three salons and online shop, with the latter marking Olive & June’s foray into e-commerce.

The sandal retails for $65 and comes in five colors. The item’s ties can be styled in multiple ways with additional laces available for purchase. Olive & June partnered with Los Angeles accessories designer Charlotte Stone on the design.

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The idea of customization and choice is a theme that’s helped build the brand. Olive & June, aside from its dreamy salon environment of pale pink mixed with wood components and floral installations, keeps customer preferences on file in a bid to make each visit personalized.

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“We really tried to make something different here [with Olive & June] and it really feels like that translates into our first product launch,” Gibson Tuttle said.

The launch into footwear begs the question of next steps and bigger picture goals for Olive & June. Product expansion is something the company has been thinking about, the ceo said.

“As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve always been approached by retailers to carry product in their stores and we love that idea,” she said. “I think we’re completely open to it as we grow, but I also think as a business we try to put each foot in front of us and really try to make the best, quality decision.”

She added there are at least five product categories where it would make sense for Olive & June to potentially expand if and when the time is right.

“I think in a lot of ways Olive & June embodies a lifestyle,” she said.

There’s also the question of more salons with the company operating a fleet consisting of Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Santa Monica.

At least in the short-term, Gibson Tuttle’s focus is on the launch of the sandal and potentially more product, she said.

She added, more salons are in the cards longer term and it’s key any location she opens be not only profitable but also able to consistently provide work for the team occupying that space.

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