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Olive Oil Is Having a Moment

The kitchen staple is getting the hero ingredient treatment outside of the kitchen, now, too.

Olive oil is having a moment, both in and out of the kitchen. Whether induced by quarantine cooking or consumers’ growing predilection for all things clean, olive oil has found its way into baked confections and skin-care products alike. Lifestyle brand Poosh even recently collaborated with a Los Angeles-based bakery on a variety of olive oil cakes.

“Olive oil has so many benefits,” said Furtuna Skin cofounder Agatha Luczo. Furtuna is one of the brands capitalizing on the ingredient’s buzz. “It’s high in antioxidants and it also includes vitamins A, D and K, as well as E. It’s amazing what olive oil can do for your health,” she said.”

Wonder Valley, founded by husband-and-wife duo Jay and Alison Carroll, offers a body oil, as well as an oil-based face wash and body wash, all sourced from Northern California. Furtuna Skin, founded by Luczo and Kim Walls, offers a range of products all enriched with Italian olive oil sourced from a 700-acre farm in Sicily. Both brands hinted at new olive oil-based products coming down the line.

As for the ingredient’s appeal, the founders credit its ancient applications throughout the Mediterranean. Market experts, though, credit consumer awareness. “It’s a hero ingredient consumers can relate to and understand,” said Larissa Jensen, beauty industry adviser at the NPD Group

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