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Oribe Hair Care Enters Six New Beauty Categories

The prestige hair line will expand its reach with makeup, skin care, body care, nails, hair tools and accessories.

Oribe Hair Care is growing its roots.

The prestige hair line, owned by Luxury Brand Partners, will introduce in July its expansion into six new categories with the megalaunch of Oribe Beauty, 18 new stockkeeping units across makeup, skin care, body care, nails, hair tools and accessories.

Daniel Kaner, cofounder and president of Oribe Hair Care noted that the concept of the brand as a full-fledged, multicategory beauty line has been around since its inception as a hair product range, named after cofounder and celebrity hairstylist Oribe Canales, eight years ago.

“We saw ourselves [eventually] as a very upscale-looking pro shop,” said Kaner. “Our brand voice [now] is familiar with certain consumers. A lot of people who are addicted to hair-care products or beauty, they know [what] Oribe is. It makes sense [and] feels right to slowly move into the categories we originally thought about. It feels like we’d be well-received at this point.”

The full range of products will launch in the U.S. online in July on and Birchbox, and in a subset of 50 to 100 salons in Oribe’s distribution network. Kaner noted that the salons picking up the line were chosen in key markets across the country, reflecting clusters of Oribe’s existing customer base. Among them are Cosmo & Co. in West Palm Beach, Fla.; Cole’s Salon in Minneapolis; Gary Patrick Salon of California, and Bliss Salon of Massachusetts.

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Additional retailers, including Neiman Marcus, C.O. Bigelow, Space NK, Bluemercury, Cosmetic Market, Private Edition, CosBar and Ron Robinson will stock a selection of Oribe Beauty products after its first three-month period on the market.

“We’re going to go after our existing clients, [but] we’re hoping this will introduce us to new clients as well,” said Kaner. “In the salon world we have a broad appeal — [teenagers] to mature women. Those that are Oribe-obsessed will be our first tier. She’s someone who has a unique perspective, she loves products, she’s into the performance of products, she’s a beauty junkie, somebody who’s out looking for unique things.”

The six categories cover the full range of the beauty spectrum.

Body-care includes the Côte d’Azur Replenishing Body Wash that retails for $45, and Restorative Body Crème, $65, scented with Oribe’s signature Côte d’Azur fragrance.

The skin-care lineup consists of a cream cleanser, $45; a face oil, $105; ultrarich night cream, $115; lip treatment for $35, and a gold-infused face hydrating and brightening mask at $95.

Makeup includes three shades of lipstick priced at $42 each — a red, a violet and a nude — and three similar hues of nail polish, $32 each and two illuminating face palettes containing blush, bronzer and highlighter, $68 each.

Tools include an Italian-made brush collection crafted with European beechwood, including two round brushes, a flat brush and teasing brush. The round brushes contain attached hidden sectioning pins to separate hair while styling. Brushes retail from $80 for the teasing brush to $226 for the flat brush. The Imperial Pro Hair Dryer is the hero of the tools range. Complete with a 2,000-watt Italian-made motor, the dryer is said to eliminate frizz and static while preventing damage and comes with six heat settings. It retails for $348.

Three hair accessories complete the collections. The geometric, gold-plated metal styles range from $65 for a ponytail holder to $80 each for a hair stick and barrette.

Social media and a cast of influencers will be heavily deployed during the launch, and the Instagram factor was kept in mind while designing the line.

“The lipsticks and nail polish bottles have an eye-catching, unique silhouette and even the skin care makes a strong visual statement — particularly the Gold Envy face mask,” said Kaner.

Industry sources estimate Oribe Beauty will do $5 million dollars in retail sales within its first year on the market.

Kaner noted that Oribe Beauty is starting with a tight edit, and will grow strategically from there, adding more products in 2017.

“[It’s] unique for the merchant, unique for us. We’re selling it in a [salon] environment where generally they don’t have beautiful luxury goods to display like that in a store-within-store feature,” he said.

The existing Oribe customer, he emphasizes, is well-versed enough in Oribe Hair Care to trust and invest in Oribe Beauty.

“It’s going to be a fun sense of discovery.”