NEW YORK — Since Origins created its own store within Neiman Marcus’s Dallas unit in November, sales have reportedly tripled.

Now the company is looking for a repeat performance when it opens a similar installation at the Short Hills, N.J., branch of Bloomingdale’s.

On May 4, Origins will graduate from its 10-foot-long counter to a 280-square-foot enclosed space, creating what the company calls a store-within-a-store.

It will not be as large as the 500-square-foot boutique at the NorthPark Center Neiman’s, but the company expects a similar jump in sales.

Although Origins executives would not discuss specific figures, industry sources estimate the company’s business could double at the Short Hills Bloomingdale’s, which would mean an annual volume of over $300,000.

In addition, Origins will donate 10 percent of sales at the new Bloomingdale’s installation from its opening through May 18 to the Summit Speech School, a facility for the hearing-impaired.

According to William Lauder, vice president and general manager of the Estee Lauder division, the “barrier-free retail atmosphere” of the store and the expanded space allow Origins “to reach a larger customer base with our concept.”

He described that concept as catering to an entire lifestyle, rather than just selling cosmetics.

To that end, the new installation will build on its typical department store product mix, which includes skin care, color cosmetics and bath products, by adding some of the range of beauty and aromatherapy accessories sold in the Origins freestanding stores.

More of this type of installation should open this year, according to Lauder, who said he is currently discussing plans with retailers throughout the country.

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