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P.volve to Launch Moving With Menopause Workout Series

The program seeks to provide women with resources and education to help understand and alleviate their menopause symptoms.

A number of beauty brands have been targeting menopause with new skin care offerings. Now, the fitness company P.volve has teamed with women’s health technology start-up Elektra Health to launch its Moving With Menopause series. 

The initiative, which launches on June 21, consists of 16 videos demonstrating exercises, breath work and educational tips tackling menopause symptoms such as muscle mass loss, vaginal dryness, brain fog, sleeping difficulty and more. 

“We are a very education-based fitness company — it’s what differentiates us from the marketplace,” said P.volve’s vice president of talent and training, Antonietta Vicario. “When it comes to menopause, it’s just something that people don’t really speak of, but there are tools and practical ways we can change the experience, and improve upon our symptoms.”

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The program’s 16 videos are split into four categories, each addressing a specific set of topics and bodily changes that menopause can entail, while providing techniques to combat them.

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“One of the best ways you can mitigate body composition changes is lifting heavy weights,” Vicario said. “We don’t want to do endurance-based cardio in this phase of life.” Instead, Vicario said interval training and lifting weights are key to alleviating joint pain while maintaining healthy cortisol levels, which can be thrown off during menopause. 

Aiming to arm the public with evidence-based education and resources about menopause in a way that is easily digestable for all, the series will be included in P.volve’s membership, which costs $95.58 annually, or $19.99 monthly. 

Although P.volve declined to comment on the size of its member base, it estimates roughly 52 percent of it members to be in one of the three stages of menopause: perimenopause, menopause or postmenopause, making the need for an initiative like this even more apparent to the company. 

“It’s never too early to start thinking about this and integrating some of these movements,” Vicario said. “Our entire method of functional movement and resistance-based equipment is designed for you to start somewhere — whether its PMS symptoms or pelvic floor rehabilitation, it’s about teaching you how to move your body properly.”



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