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Paris In New York: Smells Like Teen Spirit

What does Paris Hilton smell like?

NEW YORK — What does Paris Hilton smell like?

Well, a little musky for starters, as fans discovered Friday afternoon during a promotional appearance at Macy’s New York to push her second fragrance, Just Me by Paris Hilton. But, judging from the crowd of teens and twenty-somethings lined up along the flagship’s 34th Street block for a chance to meet the hotel heiress, the day was more ode than eau de Paris.

“We bought the bottle so we could meet her,” said 23-year-old Michelle Fohme, with a limited edition “Paris” pass wrapped around her neck. Only those who purchased the $49 fragrance this week at Macy’s received the pass, which scored them a chance to share face time with the celebutante and get her autograph.

But even those without the pass got a sneak peek at Paris vamping it up for the cameras, in an empire Diane Von Furstenberg dress and Prada heels. She brought the main floor’s Beauty Arcade to a grinding halt, as shoppers gawked and sales associates careened over their counters with camera phones in hand.

And while there were plenty of Paris aficionados in the house — “She’s hot,” noted 10-year-old Michael Cresanti-Daknis, who came bearing a handcrafted “I Love You, Paris” poster — not all were enamored for the best of reasons. When asked why she was a fan, Nicole Reveron, 21, matter-of-factly replied, “Paris is famous for doing nothing.” Others had a decidely more silver-lining approach. “All that bad publicity [of hers], is still publicity,” says Will Zapata, 23, “She’s laughing all the way to the bank.”

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