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Pat McGrath Labs Unveils Naomi Campbell as Global Brand Face

Campbell is the first face in the brand's history.

Pat McGrath Labs has named its first global brand face: Naomi Campbell. The appointment of the supermodel is the culmination of years of creative collaboration between Campbell and McGrath.

The announcement comes on the heels of digital successes for Pat McGrath Labs, as the brand increased digital outreach following the coronavirus pandemic. “Pat has created a line that brings fantasy and glamour back into our daily lives and makes us dream again,” Campbell said in a statement. As previously reported, she was one of the guests on McGrath’s ongoing series of Instagram Lives with a slew of influencers, averaging 115,000 views per session. Campbell herself has also gained momentum in the digital space with her YouTube channel.

While Campbell’s duties as global brand face include campaigns throughout the year, she is initiating her partnership with the brand by featuring in “Divine Rose,” a film directed by McGrath to commemorate the new Divine Rose collection. The collection features two eye palettes, two lip glosses, two lipsticks and two lip pencils. Campbell is also joining McGrath’s online “Masterchat” series, a recurring series of digital masterclasses featuring a slew of influencers and makeup artists.

McGrath, who has worked alongside Campbell for more than 25 years, also saw her as the sole choice for her eponymous brand’s first face. “To be a part of her luminous legacy as a trailblazer in the worlds of beauty and fashion is truly an honor,” McGrath said in a statement. “What truly makes her special, and the ultimate McGrath muse, is her legendary loyalty and unparalleled work ethic.”

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