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PBA Unveils Debut Executive Summit

The Professional Beauty Association will hold the first PBA Executive Summit Dec. 4 to 5 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Professional Beauty Association will hold the first PBA Executive Summit Dec. 4 to 5 in Scottsdale, Ariz.
The event will bring together executives from top beauty companies hoping to learn from leading business experts on how expanding technology and social connections are changing the beauty industry.

The theme Consumer IQ was developed to delve into the trends ignited by Gen Y and Millennials, while also interpreting comprehensive industry data that can be useful to build business. Former CNN anchor and NBC Correspondent Gene Randall will moderate the inaugural summit expected to attract 150 industry leaders.
“There has not been an educational event like this in the professional beauty industry since the ABA [American Beauty Association] and BBSI [The Beauty and Barber Supply Institute] were still around,” said Steve Sleeper, PBA’s executive director. “We have been hearing from people that they missed having the opportunity to network and learn about new trends in the industry with their peers.”

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The decision was made to create a separate summit so it didn’t “comingle with selling,” added Sleeper. “It’s hard to find the time to really dig in and work ‘on’ your business when you get going on the daily working ‘in’ the businesses,” he said.

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In planning topics, Sleeper said the impact technology has had on the business was considered. “Twenty-four-seven availability to products is changing our industry’s historic purchasing model. Current and future generations aren’t willing to wait longer than it takes to upload a Web site to make their purchases. Our goal is to provide the information to support the businesses in our industry so they can adapt and change with their customer.”

Among the sessions on tap are “What Gen Y and Millennials Want From Our Brand,” led by Jane Buckingham, president of Trendera. Author Steven Berlin Johnson will discuss “Where Good Ideas Come From.” Carrie Mellage, vice president at Kline & Co., will provide results from PBA’s industry research in collaboration with Kline.

“The professional beauty industry is constantly in a state of change and evolution. We wanted to gather speakers and information that address some of the drivers of this evolution, name the consumer,” said Sleeper. “If our attendees can leave with a better understanding of tomorrow’s consumer and why they make decisions how they do, we have had a successful event.”