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Perricone MD Unveils Pre:Empt Series to Combat First Signs of Aging

The new collection launching at Sephora is geared toward consumers just starting to get serious about skin care.

As women transition from universities to professional careers, their skin starts to change, and Perricone MD’s new Pre:Empt Series tackles those changes that aren’t so welcome.

Pre:Empt’s four products priced from $60 to $90 — Exfoliating Pore Refiner, Skin Perfecting Serum, Oil-Free Hydrating Cream and Brightening Eye Cream — join a growing group of skin-care launches tailored to the needs and desires of Millennials. They made their debuts this week exclusively on Sephora’s web site before rolling out to the specialty beauty retailer’s stores early next month.

“When young women enter the workforce, their peer group shifts from other college students to a broader group of women, and they start to say, ‘Who do I want to look like when I reach a certain age?’” said Sharon Osen, chief marketing officer at Perricone MD. “We felt that at this tipping point was the right time to introduce something like this kind of platform. It’s really an interesting crossroads where young women are moving from just looking at breakouts and putting on makeup to really trying to understand how to take care of their skin.”

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Pre:Empt addresses a slowdown in antioxidant production that underlies the initial signs of aging such as fine lines, visible pores, dullness, dryness and uneven skin texture with its Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex. Antioxidant-boosting ingredients contained in the complex include green tea, olive leaf, turmeric and cress sprouts.

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“These are highly concentrated, highly pure active molecules found in plants,” said Nancy Leung, vice president of product development at Perricone MD. Osen, who noted the serum features the complex at its peak intensity, added, “This is something that’s really formulated for them [young women] at their stage of the aging process. The more advanced ingredients that we have in our more advanced products, they don’t need all of that.” Specifically, Pre:Empt was created for 24- to 35-year-olds compared to Perricone’s average customers in their Forties.

Aside from the ingredients, Perricone sought to provide a Millennial-friendly buoyant consistency. “It won’t clog your pores. That is maybe what you are afraid of when you’re coming out of your acne stage. We really want someone to enjoy using it on a regular basis and not think of it as overly medicinal,” Leung said. “The Oil-Free Hydrating Cream gives what we call a rose petal finish to the skin. You’ve got a little bit of glow, not to the point where you look shiny, but you look healthy.”

Leung and Osen consider the eye cream and moisturizer gateway products for customers familiarizing themselves with products in the Pre:Empt Series. “A lot of Millennials will understand moisturizer as a baseline. If they’re a little bit more advanced, have an existing moisturizer or they’re looking for an upgrade in their regimen, they’ll probably enter through the exfoliating or perfecting serum. People notice the wrinkles around their eyes first, and that’s where we think they’ll look first for a treatment product,” Leung said.

Pre:Empt builds upon lessons Perricone MD learned from Super, a now defunct line the brand introduced six years ago to win over Millennials. Ingredients from nutrient-charged superfoods the likes of acai berries, melons, chili pepper and dark chocolate drove Super, and bold, colorful imagery depicted its merchandise. “It was a little bit too lighthearted and whimsical. The customer, at least today, wants us to be serious because we are a serious brand,” Leung said. “We want to be fresh and light, but maybe not as fresh and light.”

Although Pre:Empt has a more serious slant than Super did, Catherine Lepetit, director of merchandising for clinical skin care at Sephora, suggested it isn’t intimidating to shoppers dipping their toes into the retailer’s skin-care selection. “The universality and approachability of the collection backed by the groundbreaking technology is a perfect introduction for the Millennial who may be younger and new to skin care but wants real results,” she said.

The Pre:Empt Series is designed to guide women from spot skin-care treatments they may have depended upon previously into a multiproduct skin-care routine without overwhelming them with steps. “We don’t want to make it too difficult to get into,” Osen said. “Each product was formulated to work on its own and to work together as well. You can start anywhere, but if you use them all together there’s going to be a greater benefit.”