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Personalized Skin Care Brand Revea Launches Precision Mobile App

Formerly available strictly at the brand’s brick-and-mortar location in San Francisco, Revea’s personalized skin care technology is now available to consumers via the Revea Mobile Experience.

Skin care brand Revea is bringing its hyper-personalized M.O. to the palms of consumers’ hands. 

The brand, which was founded in 2019 and closed a $6 million seed round earlier this year with investors including Alpha Edison, Ulta Beauty and Waldencast Ventures, has launched its mobile app, Revea Mobile Experience. 

Using a hyperspectral imaging software and diagnostic quiz, the app determines a customized skin care regimen for users consisting of AM Serum, PM Serum and moisturizer catered to a person’s skin needs. 

“We want to rewrite the rules of skin care,” said Revea cofounder and chief executive officer Chaz Giles. “The reason that’s so important for us is because the consumer has fundamentally changed, technology has fundamentally changed, but for the most part, beauty and skin care have been kind of stuck in old models of the past.” 

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The app guides users through a series of questions regarding their lifestyle habits, ethnic background and environment to glean a sense of how such factors may be impacting their skin health. After the quiz, users undergo a facial scan via their phone’s front camera, which harnesses AI and hyperspectral imaging to measure skin texture, inflammation, hydration and lipid profiles, skin barrier health and more. 

“Quizzes are only as good as how knowledgeable a person is about their skin,” said Giles, noting that while front-end personalization does possess a level of value, pairing it with the brand’s proprietary Hyperspectral Face scanning technology is what truly allows for a robust understanding of a person’s skin. 

“We use these different diagnostics to actually see below the skin. If you think of that like an image, we can take a selfie, or we can take an MRI; both of those are images, yet they tell us very different things,” he continued. 

Upon completion of the scan, which measures more than 1 million data points and 40 skin health parameters, users are provided a report detailing areas of their skin health that are compromised, as well as an overview of their product pairings. 

Depending on a person’s needs, their daytime and evening serums may be formulated with ingredients such as bakuchiol for restoring skin firmness, vitamin C for brightening, encapsulated salicylic acid for acne-prone skin, squalane for hydration or a variety of other ingredients. 

“We carry no inventory of our treatments — everything is made specifically to order for your individual biology,” Giles said.

A Revea membership costs $250 a quarter, with each payment including a three-month supply of product, as well as access to one’s skin profile, which can continuously be updated as new life and skin circumstances develop. 

The brand did not comment on sales, but WWD previously reported industry sources projected the brand could reach between $3 million and $7 million in revenues in 2022.

“We have definitions of skin that were created by an understanding of four skin types, but we have 8 billion people in the world, right? How do we classify 8 billion people by four skin types?” Giles said.

“We want to create the next generation of skin care that works for each and every individual, and skin starts with our individual biology.”