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Pixability Discusses How to Win at Video

Tammy Johnson of Pixability outlines different ways brand marketers can grow their consumer base through video content.

Video is crucial for beauty brands.

To emphasize its importance, Tammy Johnson of Pixability stated that YouTube has grown by over 185 percent in the last two years to over 250 billion views. About 100 million hours of beauty content is consumed on Facebook annually and Instagram has experienced an 80 percent year-over-year increase in beauty content.

“You need video for engagement,” said the senior director of strategic accounts. “It enriches, it’s exciting, it’s educational and, most importantly, it drives dollars.”

Creating engaging content is one of the most important parts of video. “Content needs to be simple, relevant and educational to be able to connect with your audience,” Johnson said, stating that thinking mobile first is the best tactic considering 70 percent of all views on YouTube and Facebook are coming from a mobile device.

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She went on to explain that a good video strategy is to diversify content, both in terms of duration and different kinds of videos, like tutorials or product launches.

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To get organic views, Johnson recommends optimizing YouTube channels and Facebook pages so that customers can easily find videos through organic searches.

It is also important to understand the differences between social media platforms and how to present a brand or campaign accordingly. “Every brand needs to understand the target for each of these platforms and most importantly whatever those targets are, you need to target who your key audience is and how you’re going to drive what you need to achieve it,” she said.

When it comes to where a brand presents their video ads, Johnson stressed using a platform that is brand safe and brand appropriate. “It’s up to you to understand what is brand safe and what is brand appropriate because they’re definitely not the same,” she said. “You’ll have to invest some additional dollars to hone in and target that key audience that you’re looking to reach.”

Johnson also stressed the power of the influencer. “We know that influencers within the YouTube ecosystem control that conversation when it’s all about beauty,” she said. “They’re driving reviews, they’re driving stronger engagement and we have this new influencer-led audience.” She made this point to show that brands need to invest more in video to have their voices heard among such a large pool of influencers and other brands.

She also touched on the non-traditional beauty space, including men’s grooming, men’s makeup, ath-leisure beauty and multicultural beauty, to show areas where brands can grow their audience. For example, Johnson stated that male grooming and male makeup have earned roughly $50 million in sales and the non-conforming beauty market has increased 800 percent in regards to video content in the last two years.

Johnson finished by sharing that targeting consumers’ milestone events, like a wedding or childbirth, is a great advertising opportunity. “What research shows us is that most people going through those milestone events are more apt to making a big purchase or swaying away from a brand they have loyalty with,” she said. “Campaigns for beauty brands that focus on weddings have seen incredible lifts.”