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Plum Perfect Rolls Out Updated App

The app is powered by proprietary technology that analyzes a user’s coloring and then makes product recommendations.

Plum Perfect is hoping to end makeup woes for consumers with the launch of its updated beauty app of the same name.

The app, relaunching now for both iOS and Android devices, is powered by a proprietary technology that analyzes the colors in a user’s skin, lips, eyes and hair and then makes product recommendations based on the results. “The largest gap in needs is in personalized beauty shopping on mobile devices and online,” said Asmau Ahmed, founder and chief executive officer of Plum Perfect. “And the over the past two years, we’ve seen great leaps in technology, which we wanted to incorporate into our app.”

Other new features include the Makeup Police, which allows consumers to enter a product name and immediately ascertain whether it’s a match for their skin tone; reviews from people with similar coloring to individual users, and a catalogue of how-tos on everything from job-interview makeup to creating a smoky eye.

The launch also kicks off the release of BeauTV, which is intended to be a “next generation” of makeup tutorials, said Ahmed. Users can view tutorials by bloggers and be matched with the cosmetics they will need to replicate the look based on skin tone, with step-by-step instructions for each. “That means a fair-skinned woman and a dark-skinned woman can watch the same beauty tutorial and each will see the product shades personalized for her skin tone and undertones,” said Ahmed. “We think this is making the makeup tutorials more accessible to the everyday user.”

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Users can get instructions on looks ranging from no-makeup makeup to full-scale red-carpet glamor, said Ahmed.

The app is free, and a BeauTV subscription is $1.99 a month. Plum Perfect is partnering with beauty bloggers and enthusiasts to get the word out, offering an affiliate fee of up to 30 percent of Plum Perfect’s net subscription fee. This is intended to potentially keep the app less biased than it would be if the company were gaining revenue from specific beauty brands, said Ahmed.

“One of the next features we will roll out involves creating a buzz about an upcoming makeup tutorial with a beauty blogger by letting the users know what look will be featured,” said Ahmed.